What better way to know what you need for your website or digital project than seeing a portfolio of successful projects? We talk a great game with entire legions of super crazy features to show, and when words come to actions, here’s how we deliver completed projects for our clients. 


Silverloot focuses on drop-shipping, requiring their website to be connected to their suppliers. They had to keep their product images and stocks updated based on supplies. With the best-in-class eCommerce platform, we enabled automatic updates and customer engagements, and streamlined orders from cart to delivery.


☑ Drop-Shipping with Live Stock Updates  ☑ Store with Smart Product Filter  ☑ Abandoned Cart Auto Follow-Up


The client wanted their eCommerce store to be easy to manage, despite requiring the latest eCommerce software. As a new online brand, scaling up after securing customers quickly was a basic expectation. Using minimalistic and smart design, we aimed to spark the essence of upscale streetwear and amplify immersive online shopping experiences.


☑ Custom Content Management  ☑ Store with Smart Product Filter  ☑ Enhanced Security ☑ Automated SEO


The client needed a clean but stylish website to match the aesthetic image of their brand. The design had to be minimalistic and bold at the same time. With the information and clutter on their previous site, we had to create a structure of navigation to highlight these information in a direct presentation.


☑ Customer Review Section   ☑ Image Galleries with Customer Photos   ☑ Search Box Function


We were approached by another digital agency who wanted to know what our impressions on their brand were and what designs we would come up with from our perspective. This also represents the level of design we expect from other digital agencies – a website that’s clear, modern, professional, and of course, creative. Functionality-wise, we optimised it for UX, branding and marketing.


☑ Auto Page Generation   ☑ Client Testimonial Section   ☑ Logos of ‘Clients Worked For’ Sliding Display

Beauty and The Box

The project this time was to create a microsite. This was a one-page campaign-based website that was meant to draw attention to the client’s event. Serving as an online box office for the event, it had to succinctly contain information about the event like timing and venue details, as well as exceptional user experience and prominent calls to action to seize attention.


☑ Interactive Image Motion Effect   ☑ Interactive Slider Custom Designed   ☑ Google Maps Integration

Sshu Hyo Interior Designs

As an interior designer, our client’s priority was to have a website that could let their premium designs and quality of services take centre stage. Focusing on their staging showcases, we had to create a continually engaging, immersive and attention-grabbing experience for potential homeowners with a preference for luxurious accommodation.


☑ Auto Page Generation   ☑ Related Projects Section   ☑ Interactive Image Galleries with Property Categories

White Box Photography

The client wanted a website that reflected its heritage as a homegrown brand in Singapore and, at the same time, flesh out their modern crisp quality of deluxe photography and bridal showcases. We understood that they needed a website that could convey elegance, homeliness and the grandeur that weddings welcome people with.


☑ Custom Online Contact Form   ☑ Copywriting   ☑ Image Galleries

Scarlett Models

The design had to be simultaneously popping, empowering and delicate to strike this balance. The client wanted each segment of the website to command attention, ensuring the models were juxtaposed. We had to find a way to harmonise the design and fashion a theme that would feel and look seductively glamorous.


☑ Custom Content Management System   ☑ Copyediting   ☑ Image Galleries with Model Category Filter


The client wanted their website to define texture, taste and class through sensational content. The website had to be tantalising and minimalistic for viewers to instantly identify star dishes and savour the menus visually. Provided with high-quality shots of the food, our priority was to craft a story through a design with what the dishes had to say.


☑ Customer Rating System   ☑ SEO Optimisation / SEO Tool   ☑ Image Galleries of Menu and Dishes

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