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Sshu Hyo Interior Designs Singapore initially expanded its design concepts from the roots of Gangnam, South Korea. As a global interior designer with branches across Asia and Europe, Sshu Hyo blends together the aesthetics of modern Asian culture with contemporary European trends. This makes it a one of the few influential interior designers in the world positioned to apply such an distinctive fusion to any space or property without creative limits.


Client Requirement

Sshu Hyo Singapore was looking to showcase as much of their content as possible on a clear, image-driven platform. The objective was to leave an extravagant impression on visitors through their diverse portfolio and gripping web design. The second objective was to sustain attention and direct visitors to contact Sshu Hyo.

What We Did

Key features Under our Simple, Affordable Web Design Package,
✔ Auto Page Generation and Custom CMS: Smart Addition of Pages and Expansion of Galleries that are aligned with the web design by using an easy-to-fill backend form.
✔ Interactive Image Galleries with Property Categories: Gallery loads as pictures pan slightly and hovering over the pictures with your mouse produces a slight zoom in effect.
✔ Related Projects Section: Enables visitors to continue browsing other related properties and designs. Ensures continuity of interest and attention without overwhelming visitors.
✔ Customised Web Design: Welcoming and inviting, yet modern and energetic to instill a sense of attachment
✔ Inner Portfolio Page Structure: Allows client to control the layout of each page (i.e. image focused or video focused, including 360-degree videos)





With Sshu Hyo’s reputation of extravagant and luxurious interior designs, we were able to assemble their best works into a modern design that popped with excitement and freshness. By themselves, their images were already a fuel for attention and interest. Our job was to flesh out their brand and professionalism to give classiness an energetic twist.


The website should convey the essence of their works in a glance – joyful, inviting, pleasant to the eyes, homely, invigorating. The moodboard designed wasn’t just to add colour to a mash-up catalogue of their works, but a visual experience that casts a zesty flair on the portfolio-focused site, and sets up an experience akin to walking through show flats and offices, from the comfort of their own seats.


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