The client wanted a website that reflected its heritage as a homegrown brand in Singapore and, at the same time, flesh out their modern crisp quality of deluxe photography and bridal showcases. We understood that they needed a website that could convey elegance, homeliness and the grandeur that weddings welcome people with. Services included ☑ Custom Online Contact Form ☑ Copywriting ☑ Proportional Image Galleries in a clean white space, and more.


MARC is a digital marketing agency that specialises in a repertoire of digital and online services, including photography, graphic design and social media marketing. It takes a hands-on approach to project management, constantly supervised and supported by its CEO, Lawrence Phua. Guided by a strong corporate social responsibility, Marc believes in helping its clients compete against global MNCs and enabling fair exposure for them in the market.


We saw this project as a ‘what if’ version of our own website. In a way, we were our own clients. If you develop websites professionally, yours should be exemplary. However, as agencies are not normally large companies, MARC needed exposure via SEO and branding. We needed to give them a strong digital presence to capture the eyes of SMEs and MNCs.


Key features Under our Simple, Affordable Web Design Package,
✔ Auto Page Generation for easy and consistent expansion of website
✔ Customer Testimonial Section for quick uploading of testimonials
✔ ‘Clients Worked For’ Logo Display with an interactive auto-slider
✔ SEO Optimisation / SEO Tool which makes the website SEO-friendly and flexible for SEO updates


MARC’s website needed a design that would be easily accepted as they built up their customer base. As an up-and-coming digital marketing company, their brand image had to be aligned with dependability and technological competence to earn that trust. According to colour psychology, blue is the colour most suited for technology and software companies.


In colour psychology, blue signifies intelligence, trustworthiness, loyalty and security. It’s also associated with the calmness of the ocean and the sky. Naturally, blue was the focus of our moodboard. The classic blue on white contrast commits a cool yet steady design to the website, lending MARC a dose of brand integrity, comfort and ease. The moodboard has also been applied to MARC’s logo design.


web design portfolio marc moodboard


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