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Having a beautiful website is just the beginning. SEO content optimisation is what gets the right traffic to it.

You may have great designs and good content that your audience will love, but so do your competitors. Without proper fine-tuning, your website will just be lost in the bottom feed of search results. 

Your web content needs to be translated into the love language of search engines.

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A beautiful website without traffic is like art without anyone to appreciate it.

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What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is what websites do to appear above competing websites in search results. In short, it refers to how you raise your website’s organic visibilty online. Search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo have a picky selection criteria for who to rank on the first page. 


To get your website ranking higher in search results, you need search engine-friendly content and optimised user experience.

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What Is SEO Content Optimisation?

SEO content optimisation is the process of raising your website’s listing on search engines by configuring your content to boost your website’s performance. It’s the strategic and backend optimisation of your keywords for your website to be recognised by search engines. This includes optimising media content and injecting specific codes into the website to cater to both search engines and user experience. 




Increased Traffic For Your Website

Google ranks your website with important points you can score by optimising content. The higher your score, the higher your website’s position on search results. Increase in visitors and traffic genuinely interested in your products or services is a direct effect of good SEO content optimisation.

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Long Term Returns

SEO content optimisation gets you a stable and steady flow of organic traffic over time. Unlike paid advertising where you have to pay extra for each click into your site, organic traffic isn’t affected by budget cutbacks. Why use money to buy traffic when it is more cost-effective to optimise your SEO to get free, evergreen organic traffic to your website?


Higher Customer Retention

SEO content optimisation supports faster loading speeds and better user experience for your customers. Statistics show that websites receive more interested, long-term traffic with SEO than paid online advertisements. SEO adds more natural value to your website and increases conversion over time due to quality content and performance.

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Optimised For Speed

Large images are heavy media content that can cause loading to take forever and discourage visitors. We optimise your images by compressing them up to 95% of their original size without compromising their viewing quality. By unifying the best coding practices, such as inline CSS, minifying JavaScript and minifying html, your website is ensured to load rocket fast!


Learn more about how we optimise all our websites for speed here.


Social Media SEO

As part of our content optimisation service, each page title, description and image is optimised for social media sharing. You can adjust and design these separately from your website’s main design and content. In turn, well illustrated social media posts linked to your website increase organic traffic when optimised properly.

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Image SEO

Tagging and labelling your images is crucial in giving your website a higher ranking on search engines. This ensures your images come up on relevant search results and even on Google Images to link searchers to your website. To do this, we choose keywords that match your visitors’ search intentions and fit them into the backend attribute of the images.


Optimisation Of Page Title Tags

Google follows a system to read and assess the quality of your content on each page. Its algorithm of understanding your web page is based on how content flows on your page in a logical and natural structure. By tagging your titles and subtitles correctly, we help you tell Google what your page is about and why it’s important.

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XML Sitemap

A sitemap tells Google the layout and pages of your entire website for it to crawl your website efficiently. It shows Google the overall structure of your website and how your pages interact with / navigate between each other. Google favours consistent updates, and a sitemap tells Google when you have updated or added new pages.


Meta Title & Meta Description

Would you rather click on Option 1 or Option 2?

Meta titles and descriptions are the first things viewers see about your website when they’re scrolling through search results. They play a direct role in convincing potential customers to click into your website. What do your customers want to see first?

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1) Without Optimisation
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2) With Optimisation
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1) Without Rich Snippets
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2) With Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets

Rich snippets are an advanced application of meta titles and descriptions. They’re usually used in recipe sites and websites with new product releases like Apple’s. Using an SEO tool with the required function, we’ll tell Google the specific content you want to show for select pages.

And Much More!

Internal Linking between pages guides visitors across your website to your most high-conversion pages or sections.

Breadcrumbs help your visitors understand where they are on your site, i.e. Home > Web Design > Simple Web Design.

Proper Redirects work like diverting phone calls. Even if you change your URL, visitors won’t see that scary ‘404 Page Not Found’ error.

Recommendation of SEO keywords by our experienced copywriters based on your business or industry.

Fast Hosting is achieved by our partnership with industry leading servers, for maximum loading speeds and minimal downtime.

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