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Scarlett Models is a top boutique modelling establishment in Southeast Asia with modelling agencies across Europe, America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. With over 20 years of modelling, grooming and photography experience, they have finessed an international bevy of professional models within their global portfolio for any placement and showcase.


Client Requirement

There was a need to emphasise robust professionalism against the stark contrast of soft beauty. The design had to be simultaneously popping, empowering and delicate to strike this balance. The client wanted each segment of the website to command attention, ensuring the models were juxtaposed. In UX terms, user navigation toward each model should remain simple regardless of the number of models featured.

What We Did

Key features Under our Simple, Affordable Web Design Package,
✔ Custom CMS: For easy management of content by client without restructuring the website or disrupting formatting by accident.
✔ Auto Page Generation: As business expands, they are bound to have more services and content. This system lets clients update their website with pages automatically.
✔ Image Galleries on homepage and services with model category filter into All, International and Local.
✔ Web Security Champion: Reinforced web security to protect classified customer information and model particulars on the backend.
✔ Copyediting: Sharpening and toning up client’s existing content to deepen professional appeal and direct focus on the website.





Without overshadowing the models, we derived a design comprising both bold and pastel colours to project robustness and soft beauty on the website. We had to find a way to harmonise the design and fashion a theme that would feel and look seductively glamorous. The concept of femme fatale elements embodied our inspiration as we browsed through Scarlett Model’s models and photoshoots.


This conceived a moodboard embraces a bold approach to appreciating beauty in diversity. The colour palette represents this, along with a fresh attitude in the client’s values. The thick and light fonts, combined with the colour scheme, play a part in attracting equal amounts of attention, allure and trust – to all the right places.


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