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If you’re here, it means that the big day’s coming. The day you walk down the aisle as the entire banquet hall rises to greet you. Or the day you turn 30 and reach a new crossover, ready to host the party of a lifetime with your buddies. Aside from the usual hectic months of planning, there’s one other task that has most of us pulling our hair out: Invitations. We design digital invitations that integrate all your event information and pictures, and still look amazing! Invite your guests, get it on their calendars and generate a RSVP list all in one text!

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We know the most special occasions are once in a lifetime. Having been through the same struggles and tension planning our own life events, we know how important it is and we want you to enjoy yours without a hitch.

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Customed Design Just For You!

Whether you’re having a birthday party or a baby shower, let your best picture take the limelight! Put in your best picture or #OOTD photo in your e-invitation.


How about using graphics and images to show off what you’re celebrating? Want a bit more oomph? Why not use a video invitation as your cover? Every one of our invitation is customed designed just for you. 


Try it Out! Tap on the slider on the digital invitation.


Seamless RSVP

You don’t need to go through the trouble of creating events on Facebook or clarifying the right details with each guest separately.


Integrate a smart form that includes fields asking for attendance, number of pax and dietary restrictions.


You can use digital invitations for more than birthdays and celebrations. They’re equally useful for formal occasions: Corporate Dinners, Convocations, Training Workshops, Gala Events, Seminars.


Experience smart forms! Try out the different combinations and see the end results when you submit the form!


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Help us decide on the song for our First Dance!


Event Polls For Guests To Vote!

With a smart form, you can also include choices for your guests to vote on for things like menu, location and activities! Or perhaps what your outfit of the day should be!


You can easily tally votes you receive from your e-invitation. No need to check with your guests individually or direct them to a poll!


Try it Out! Vote on the wedding song for our directors’ first dance!


Prompt Guests To Save To Calendar

Worried about latecomers and last-minute dropouts? We know how frustrating those can be. Here’s a treat to help your guests clear their schedule for you. 


Guests can save the event details to their calendars easily from their online invitations. Give yourself that extra peace of mind by letting your invitation book your guests!


Try It Out! Save the event to your Google or Outlook Calendar!

Event Details

12pm to 6pm

1 October 2020


1 Empress Pl, #01-03 Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore 179555



Usher Guests To Venue With Maps & Navigation

Sometimes event venues can be obscure and the names of the places can be confusing for some guests. A little clarity in navigation goes a long way to help them reach your venue!


Let your guests open Google Maps from your e-invitation and see the directions in one tap. Expecting driving guests? Waze and Google Map provide direct navigation to your event from the streets – yup – in one tap!


Try it Out! Navigate to the location via Google Maps or Waze!


One-Tap Contact On All Platforms

If your guests still have some enquiries about what to wear or get, your contact details are easily accessible for them to call or send a message with a tap! 


Make your e-invitations actionable with immediate points of contact: WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS,  Phone, Viber and even Skype. 


Is there an official event organiser or an important person whose contacts need to be included?


Try It Out! Tap on any of the contact buttons.



Share Your Event

Want to open up your invitations to everyone or get more publicity for your event? Never underestimate the power of word of mouth in the digital age. 


Share and promote your event on any social platform to any contact list. Reach out to your entire social network easily from your online invitation. See your RSVP multiply with every share!


Try It Out! Tap on the share button and see how it looks!


Featured Gallery Of Your Best Pictures!

Of course, what’s an invitation without the romantic photoshoot to tug at your guests’ heartstrings? Show off your upcoming event’s attractions and explosive highlights with these!


A lightbox feature on the e-invitation allows guests to enlarge the image and scroll through the images one by one to their hearts’ content. Guests can also just use the slider and swipe through your pictures all at once.


Try It Out! Tap on the images on the gallery.



Currently, our digital invitations can be connected to click to call, email, whatsapp, facebook messenger, viber, sms, skype, instagram and telegram.

No, we do not use a template. The digital invitation will be fully customised to your event needs both in aesthetics and functions. You can view our sample invitations here.


WOW Your Contacts!

By this point, you’d probably have tested out our functions already. The experience of professional design and importance of interactive digital invitations speak for themselves. 


If you’ve been wowed, clearly your guests and attendees will be! Invitations make the first impressions for any event.


A flamboyant and dynamic design can generate excitement and drive up attendance rates. Show off how spectacular and multi-functional your invitations are and add class to your event!


Be the Invitation You Want to See.

With an invitation custom-made just for you, focus entirely on your event while impressing your guests.

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