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Website Design – Our Add-Ons

(FREE) Custom Content Editor (Up. $200)

Instead of having to contact your web designer every time you need to edit your content, and wait days for them to send you a quote, why not do it yourself, easily? Even if you're rushing for time, you'll be able to edit your own content quickly in case of a last-minute change. 

How It Works

With our Custom Content Editor Add-on, you now have the power to easily edit the content on your website. Access your dashboard and edit your content on the go, the way you want it. Bypass the tedious process of briefing and waiting for your web agency, plus you save money and time. Now, that’s power.

Web Security Champion

Our basic Web Security Defender comes bundled with every one of our website design services, and provides fundamental defence against cyber threats. However, it might not deter more advanced hackers who could gain access to your backend and remain hidden. Our Web Security Champion adds additional layers of security to your website, including daily website backups, automatic daily malware scan, and more! Remember, prevention is better (and cheaper) than cure.

Web Security Defender vs Champion

Brute Force Protection
SSL Certificate
Backend URL Customisation
404 Detection
Smart IP Ban/ Backlist
Database Security Optimisation
Daily Malware Scanning
Google Recaptcha V3
Contact Form Spam Protection
2 Factor Authentication Login
Daily Website Backup

Learn more about the Web Security Champion. Grab the Web Security Champion Add-On at S$300 S$250 if you get it together any of our web design services.

Content Writing Service

"Design in the absence of content is not design, it's decoration." Know your business but not sure what to write or how to place content on your website? We create content for you from sitemaps to ideas, from drafts to masterful engaging copies. Save up to $100 and sleep without worrying about content.

How It Works

You might not have time to write your own content. Our copywriters work with you to generate the best style of content, tone and structure for your website. Don’t lose out on traffic and engagement, as well as SEO points, for unprofessional content.



3,000 words / 20 pages: S$1000 S$600
4,000 words / 20 pages: S$1100 S$750
5,000 words / 20 pages: S$1200 S$900


3,000 words / 20 pages: S$800 S$450
4,000 words / 20 pages: S$900 S$580
5,000 words / 20 pages: S$1000 S$700


Learn more about our copywriting and copyediting services.

Website Maintainance Service

Have a website but no time to manage it or unsure how to maintain it yourself? Unfortunately, a poorly executed update is a very risky manoeuvre for your website and may break it beyond salvation. Furthermore, these plugins cost an additional $200 to $500 a month to purchase and update. This makes our Website Maintenance Package the obvious choice to delegate and authorise these processes safely. It's like having your own trusted team of web technicians while you conduct business with a peace of mind.

Website Maintenance Package (Basic)

Plugins add powerful functions to your website, such as security, payment gateways, memberships or even affiliate marketing. Updating plugins and regulating WordPress core updates are critical, but scary – even for the most experienced web owners. Regular updates patch security vulnerabilities and introduce newly developed functions to your website. Our Website Maintenance Package (Basic) supports:


  1. Monthly Plugin and WordPress Core Updating
  2. Update Staging and Testing
  3. Uptime Monitoring
  4. Daily Website Backups
  5. Bug Fixes

Grab our Website Maintenance Package (Basic) at S$120  S$100 per month (charged annually) if you get it together with any of our web design services.

Website Maintenance Package (Pro)

In addition to plugins and WordPress core updates, we provide direct and personalised support for websites that require regular content updates, including editing images and texts, adding a product to your Ecommerce store, or updating lessons for your LMS website. All we’ll need are your approved content and images, which can be arranged in a document outlining the scheduled updates ahead of time, and we’ll follow up on updating your website. Our Website Maintenance Package (Pro) covers:


  1. Content Updates (up to 3 hours a month).
  2. Monthly Plugin and WordPress Core Updating
  3. Update Staging and Testing
  4. Uptime Monitoring
  5. Daily Website Backups
  6. Bug Fixes

Grab our Website Maintenance Package (Pro) at S$250 S$200 per month (charged annually) if you get it together with any of our web design services.

How It Works

From typography and corporate colours to stationery design and logo usage, having a visual identity guideline streamlines your brand’s design application. The designing process can be made easier with comprehensive professional help from our in-house design services that will strike a chord with an effective corporate logo for your business! The visual identity guideline includes:


  1. Logo Design
  2. Logo Spacing and Usage
  3. Corporate Colours
  4. Corporate Typography
  5. Branded Stationery Design (Letterhead, Business card, E-Signature)

Grab our Logo & Visual Identity Design Package at S$2,000 S$1,500 if you get it together with any of our web design services.

Live Chat Pro

The Basic Live Chat feature from our web design packages links visitors to you on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. I other words, your users need to have WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger installed first. This restriction is no more with our Live Chat Pro upgrade.

What is Live Chat Pro?

What’s Live Chat Pro, you ask? Visitors can now easily chat with you on your website, without any app restrictions. Get alerted and chat with them straight from your mobile phone or desktop! Here are some of its core functions:


  1. Welcome your visitors! Greet your visitors with a heartfelt message and prompt them to start chatting with you.
  2. Get more leads! Enable a pre-chat form that lets your visitors fill in their name, email and contact details before chatting.
  3. Offline mode! When you’re offline, visitors can fill up a customised form with their contact details. Now all you have to do is contact them.
  4. Get Notified! Get notified when a user chats with you or even when someone visits your website, from both your computer and mobile device!
  5. Track your visitors! See how users navigate your website from page to page, check their frequency of visits, analyse your weekly visitor rate with statistics provided, and more!

Grab the Live Chat Pro upgrade at S$150 S$99 if you get it together with any of our web design services.

Sorry for calling at 2am. Really loved the dedication and support Bernard and team gave me for my very first website!

Carol Tan

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