Digital Name Card Connect the World with One Digital Name Card.

Imagine sending an online business card as a link to anyone, anytime, without limit. Imagine your business presence multiplying with every text message. Imagine what word of mouth or referrals can do. It’s like SEO for name cards, and that’s just the gist of it.

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The Digital Card Advantage

Share It Anywhere

Share your digital name card to anyone in the world through whatsapp, telegram, messenger and more!

Personalized Style

Customed designed to fit your brand. Send us your corporate brand guide or let our designers work their magic!

Easy Info Change

Save paper and stop paying for new name cards every time your staff contact info changes!

Bulk Design Change

Changing the design of your entire company's digital name card whenever an events calls for it is now a possibility!

Easy Contact Saving

Gone are the times of manually inputting and saving contact information. Just share and save!

Link It Anywhere

A digital name card is basically a resume in a nutshell. Need to link it to a survey form or your linkedin profile? Done.

professionally designed Custom designed, made for your brand.

Your cover profile, layout and information are all custom designed individually by our in-house designers according to your business or brand. Portray formal photos of yourself in a business attire to fun pictures of skydiving, or even consider a video profile!

Limitless Sharing Share your name card across the world.

Because it’s digital, both you and your clients can send your online name card to their contacts overseas – it’s a fluid referral from local to global. Share your name card infinitely with a massive online social outreach: Facebook, WhatsApp, Email, LinkedIn, etc. Multiply your leads tenfold, all with just a digital name card and a tap on the phone.

EQUIPPED FOR MORE Empower your team to do more, intelligently.


TAP N SHARE Bring your share game to another level.

Up your share game with professional snippets and greetings on major social platforms. Be connected across WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook and Messenger, and more! LinkedIn is no longer the only place for professional connections. When others share, your profile networks for you.

TAP N SAVE Your contact info, saved on their device.

With a ‘Save to Contact’ function on your digital name card, your viewers can now save your contact details to their phone easily,  with all your contact info automatically filled in for them. Congratulations, you’ve beaten your competitors to the punch by being the first in your customers’ phonebook!

ONE TAP ACTION Link your contact details to action.

Have you ever had an online name card that your customers can just tap on to call you? Get your customers to Skype with you or call you on Viber all at the push of a button. Make your digital name card actionable with immediate points of contact.

LIMITLESS PERSONALISATION Break the space limit of the old name card.

Break free of the old 3.5 by 2 inches of space on a traditional name card. Want to include your experience and background in your profile? Are your achievements and testimonials important for your customers? Solid, let’s add that in. Throw in some short descriptions and pictures of your services, and it’s hook, line and sinker.

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Bring Customers To You With Maps & Navigation

How about integrating Google Maps on your digital name card that immediately highlights the location of your office? 


Directions are just one tap or click away rather than having to open an app and key in your address. For driving customers, you can integrate Waze to navigate drivers right to your doorstep.


Try it Out! Tap on the navigation apps on the digital name card


Modernise Your Customer Engagements Today!

Introduce yourself to the world without limits. Revolutionise your business and share it with the world, with a tap.

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