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Silverloots specialises in eCommerce retail through drop-shipping. Its website spans a wide range of lifestyle and wearable merchandise, including masks, street apparel, as well as fashionable accessories. With a global network of suppliers, it provides secure and responsive customer service for a snappy and enjoyable shopping experience in stylish street fashion.


Client Requirement

To sustain their drop-shipping operation, Silverloots had to easily update their offerings in real time to prevent order inconsistencies. They also sought a fast, secure and flexible payment process, and a product filtering system to quickly bridge visitors to the products. If users abandoned their carts, a follow-up measure was required. The goal – responsive and personalised user engagements across the website.

What We Did

Key features Under our E-Commerce Package,
✔ Automated Sync with Supplier’s Website: Product information, price, inventory and images updated in real time.
Drop-shipping Orders: One-click order to make an instant purchase from suppliers.
✔ Store with Smart Product Filter: Smart Filters to let their customers find the correct product. Smart Filter includes categories, ratings, colours and price range.
✔ Cart, Checkout, Payment: Secure, simple and fast cart to payment with various payment modes, including Stripe, Google Pay, Visa, MasterCard.
✔ Cart Recovery System: Automated follow-up emails and discounts triggered when cart is untouched or abandoned.
Smart Contact Form: Highly customised contact form to be comprehensive, personalised and simple, following each customer’s line of queries.
✔ Automated Sync to Social Media: Connects the website to Facebook and Instagram Shop.
✔ Customised Email Design: To conduct email marketing, support, etc.
✔ Automated Invoice and Packing Slips.
✔ Shipment Tracking: Order tracking enabled for customers.
✔ SEO Optimised: Rich snippets, automated meta tags for search engines and social media.


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Silverloots is an eCommerce website that embodies the playfully stylish. Dyed in the colour themes and the vibrant, energetic and carefree fashion of its products, the main highlights of the website should naturally pop. This would plant a subconscious sense of importance in the consumers’ minds, swiftly directing their attention span to key touchpoints, such as promotions and buttons.


We were inspired by Silverloots’ strong engagement philosophy, which was to provide a fun and quick-paced shopping experience. To spring attention from one section of the site to another in a playful and flashy way, the colourful spectrum on our moodboard sparked a clear contrast between the elements on the site, lending the products’ personalities to the star ratings, product labels, icons, and overall website.


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