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TL;DR – The Web Responsive Advantage

Automatic Resize to Screen

We design your website to automatically resize and rearrange itself to fit into your screen size regardless of the device being used - so every user navigates your website with the best user experience.

Higher Traffic from Google

Google Search accounts for 95.78% of all searches in Singapore, and 92.01% worldwide! And a responsive website design is highly recommended and ranked by Google on their search engine!

Halve Your Money & Time

Lose the tradition of building and managing both mobile and desktop websites. Save money and time with one ultimate adaptive web design. Your users will love you for the convenience and ease.

All The Advantages, No Extra Cost

Design agencies typically charge add-ons for adaptive web design, due to the codes and programming needed for mobile responsiveness. NOT US! Find out how we've eliminated the costs for you below.

We'll respond to you!

We're here to work with you every step of the way to make your website 100% viewer-friendly on any smart device. Just send us a message and we'll take it from there.

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An Adaptive Web Design That Caters to More Audiences

Recent statistics in 2021 saw 99% of social media users accessing websites or apps through mobile devices and over half of all online purchases made over a mobile devices, and the hunger for mobile usage will only continue to grow.
These statistics are your opportunities. All our websites are made to be user and viewer-friendly on all devices and screen sizes, with the responsive design to capture these instantly overrunning digital audiences, plus all your SEO put to action.

A Responsive Website Gives Better Ranking On Search Engines

Mobile responsiveness has been a core part of Google’s mobile-first policy in ranking your website on search results. By automating responsive and adaptive design and responsive UI, the websites we develop achieve greater recognition on Google. This puts them on eye-level with over 90% of users in the world who search for what they need on Google.


Website loading time, user experience and user interface are also important ranking factors we optimise for your website as part of our responsive website development expertise.

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Better User Experience With A Modern, Global Brand Image

No one wants to visit a non responsive website cramped into a smaller screen or scattered with uneven designs. An outdated website risks crippling its brand image and potential conversions.


Since more than 50% of traffic on Google are mobile users, we’re committed to mobile friendly website designs that reflect a modern impression of your online presence, a strong professional digital commitment and powerful brand image across all platforms. Your mobile responsiveness gives you a much greater competitive advantage and secures higher trust, business goals and growth.

Really great communication throughout the project. Would recommend them for anyone in need of a website.

Katelyn Chew

Responsive Web Design – What We Do Not Recommend

The m. Method

Ever seen a website that looks like m.website.com? One of the more popular examples would be Facebook's mobile version: m.facebook.com, which has been long neglected. Try accessing this on your desktop and see how it looks. This was how websites used to adapt to desktop devices and mobile audiences; a mobile version of the website would be created separately from the desktop website, so visitors could be directed to either one based on their devices.

Why the m. Method Is Bad

It doesn't make sense to double your workload and pay and manage two separate websites for mobile and desktop devices. This method is destructive to SEO as Google registers these as 2 different websites and pits them against each other for ranking. This splits your online traffic and degrades user experience, should either website be used with the wrong device.

Google also penalises duplicate content to cut down on spam. Along with a plague of other SEO issues, "m." sites are complicated to manage. This is the worst way to be mobile responsive. There are now far better methods available. Don't take our word for it. Here's what Google recommends.

The Theme/ Adaptive Method

You can think of web themes as clothing you wear. Different clothes (or themes) change the appearance of your website. Using a theme lets the software robotically rearrange your content, and alter your images and functions for a fixed mobile responsive look. Your entire website is fit into a template based on the way the theme 'reads' your website.

Why The Theme Method Is Bad

While a theme forces your website to be more mobile responsive, there's a good chance it might lose fundamental functions you manually programmed, as they conflict with the theme. Simply put, your website is bound to face errors. Moreover, the design is 'preset', meaning you have to live with flawed designs unless you learn HTML and CSS coding.

There are also compatibility issues with various web software and tools. Some features of your website may not show up properly, or worse, damage your website from the inside out. Don't take our claims at face value. Just Google "why isn't my theme mobile responsive" and look at all the complaints.

Responsive Web Design – What We Do

The Device Optimisation Method - Responsive Design

With responsive design, your website instantly becomes compatible with any device orientation - desktop, tablet, mobile. The layout, design and content automatically fit into a user-friendly device viewport for a comfortable customer experience.

Our design company adopts the parameters of responsive web design and development to ensure your website responds to each of your target audience's device and usage. Even if your visitor switches from tablet to laptop, your website will simply respond to the change of dimensions. Responsive design is also what Google recommends for your website!

One Website, One URL

An adaptive website design only requires one website to be responsive. No separate URL, no double work or added costs for more websites. Your content is on a single website, which is great for easy access, user experience, speed, sharing, and search engine optimisation. All your updates will be reflected for all your users - whether they're desktop users or on their mobile screens - from your one best website. You can even tap into cross-browser experience, without the penalties and complications!

Themes - We Use Them For Speed

Instead of styling an entire website, we design and code individual elements within the themes for design precision. In addition, popular themes are now shifting from focusing on a forced "one size fits all" solution to being lightweight, fast, and functional. Check out how we use the fastest themes for your website.

More Visitors, More Conversions

Your website gets to flex stronger SEO muscles, which translate into more target audience and customers, which lead to higher sales and business sustainability. With the latest design software, your website is perfectly responsive to each device and the interface of your website is optimised for user experience. You'll see a surge of visitors engaging your brand or services on a responsive web page and a responsive landing page.

Premium Perks & Features for Anyone

In addition to the features listed above, all websites developed by us are equipped with the following standard perks and features:

How We Succeed – The Responsive Web Design Process

Tap on the arrows to look through our simple web design process.

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Getting Started

Get in touch with us or fill up this web design questionnaire to streamline what we need to ask you and prepare. This will simplify the process, making it easier for both parties involved. We’ll follow-up with a call or meeting after to further understand your business, why it needs a website; what kind of design preference you have; who the target audience is and which functions are needed on your site from our part – all these details will help us create your organisation’s most competitive website!

Planning and Site-Mapping

We will propose an ideal sitemap which includes how your website should be navigated, the pages it contains and its structure. We’ll also include user experience on your site – what they are looking for and where to find it. In addition, we’ll discuss positioning of content in a web-strategic way. This is sometimes known as “ideating” or “wireframing.”

Setting of Brand's Visual Identity

It’s time to set up your new website with a strong, consistent visual identity. This includes the look and feel of your site, ensuring that you always have consistent branding and messaging across all platforms. If you don’t already have a moodboard, we’re more than happy to help out! Our moodboard covers typography and colour palette to image types and overlays that are company-wide when creating your brand’s look on all digital mediums. Take a look at how we’ve done this for our clients on our web design portfolio!

Contract and Proposal

Before we start on your website, a proposal with the sitemap, moodboard and quotation will be prepared for you. We require 50% of your deposit as an advance payment to start work on your website (20% for projects exceeding S$10K). This is due to our allocation of dedicated manpower and resources to each website we take up in order to ensure that the web project is fully completed.

Gathering of Assets

To set things in motion, we’ll need assets that make up your brand and product or service. Don’t worry about what you have or don’t; our team will help with everything along the way!


Examples of Brand Assets We Need: logos, favicons (little icons users see before they click a link), information about the website like opening hours and contact details.


Other Assets We May Need: photos of products/services; descriptions, prices, etc.

Writing of Content

If you opt for our Copywriting / Copyediting service, you won’t have to spend hours trying to create a website without copywriting or proofreading. We will plan and produce the content for your site, based on your sitemap and SEO practices. Our expert copywriters will collaborate with you in writing the content while developing an attractive style that suits your brand voice and matches your site structure.

Design of Website

Once the Visual Identity Guidelines and Sitemap for your website have been approved, we will start designing it. We’ll kick off our design process with a homepage draft that you can approve to get us started. From there, we will create the rest of the design for your other pages.


After that, content will be added to their respective sections within a responsive User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) for different devices in terms of interaction and structure. 

Testing and De-bugging

Now that your website is almost complete, we’ll get to testing it for bugs or glitches and making sure everything’s working the way it should be. This part of the process will also include addressing any questions you may have with our web designing services. We’ll also transfer the site from our staging server (where content was built) to your actual web server and transfer ownership of the domain name to you.

Handover and Training

The remaining payments for your fresh, new website are necessary before we hand it over to you and guide you on managing it.


During the handover, we’ll pass you the login information so that you can access your domain and hosting platform. At the same time, we’ll provide a video guide on how to use your website followed by one-on-one sessions with us if necessary! This entire process makes it easy as pie because once you’re done, all of your content can be managed by you in minutes!

After Service

Enjoy your new website! We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to contact us by phone if the need arises. If that’s not enough, we also have a live chat feature on our website with customer service representatives ready and waiting for any issues.


As a bonus, you can consider our website maintenance add-on to avoid problems with updates down the line.

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Our Web Design Service – Why Are We Better?

We Make Your Business Ours

We don't just create things for the sake of it - we study your business and your market first. We make sure our designs don't just look good but also give you an edge to stay competitive and succeed.

We Care for Your Bottom Line

We're happy to go the extra mile with every project, no matter how big or small. We pride ourselves on delivering that something special in your websites, whether it's a one-time microsite, revamping your website or modernising your content.

A Passionate & Amazing Team

We're the people who make businesses look neat and professional on any device screen. We've got web developers, brand designers, graphic designers, writers, and more. Even the monitors in our office are part of an internal team that helps you put your best foot forward!

Zero Hidden Costs

What even are hidden costs? There's none here. Period.


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