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Get Every 10th Digital Name Card FREE, on us!

Terms & Conditions

  • For a limited time, get every 10th digital name card free, with a purchase of 10 cards and above in a single order.
  • This promotion may only be redeemed once per company/business.
  • Participants may redeem the digital name cards at any time during the promotion period.
  • By redeeming this promotion, you agree to allow Dream Fox Design the choice of showcasing a sample of your final digital name card design on our website’s portfolio page with your logo retained, and with the details on the name card replaced with sample photos and sample designations.
  • Dream Fox Design reserves the right to change or revise our terms and conditions as deemed necessary without prior notice.
  • Any revision or change to these terms and conditions will not apply to clients who have redeemed this promotion.
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A dedicated and responsive team. They went the extra mile to make sure all my concerns were addressed. Happy to recommend them!

Hui Qi

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Dream Fox Design – Why We’re Better?

Your Business is Our Business

We don't just do for the sake of doing. We study your business and your market to make sure what we're doing gives your business the competitive edge!

We Focus On The Impact

Be it a simple landing page, a piece of content, or a 100-page visual identity guideline, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile, every single time, to deliver the extra "Oomph" for your projects.

A Dedicated, Local Team

Web developers, brand designers, graphic designers, writers, project managers, accountants, marketers. Heck, even the monitors in our office; they're all part of our local, in-house team, committed to helping you make your presence POP!

No Hidden Fees

We hate it, and we do not have it. End of story.

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