PORTFOLIO White Box Photography

Since 2009, White Box has developed over a decade of wedding photography and bridal services. Its boutique studio accommodates the latest design facilities and technology for photoshoots and video filming. They also house multipurpose lounges for bridal fitting and walk-in wardrobes for gown selection, including a catalogue of bouquet arrangements, wedding themes and make-overs.


Client Requirement

The client wanted a website that reflected its heritage as a homegrown brand in Singapore and, at the same time, flesh out their modern crisp quality of deluxe photography and bridal showcases. As White Box is a purely brick-and-mortar boutique, this was a new space beyond their studio that could be expanded and customised flexibly.

What We Did

Key features Under our Simple, Affordable Web Design Package,
✔ We designed their core pages and gave them the liberty of engaging us for a second free service of designing the rest of the pages.
✔ Custom Online Contact Form / Request a Quote.
✔ Auto Page Generation: As business expands, they are bound to have more services and content. This system lets them easily update their website with pages automatically.
✔ Copywriting: Finding the right style and words to reach out to their target customers and bring a sincere perspective to their works.





As this was White Box Photography’s first website, we had not much of a reference. To gain inspiration and understand their needs more accurately, we visited their studio and observed the main colour themes present in their photography. We understood that they needed a website that could convey elegance, homeliness and the grandeur that weddings welcome people with.


This moodboard was created in line with the similar sophisticated elegance and lush feminine tones that beauty companies use, touched up with a deeper colour palette, fine fonts and images that portrayed the client’s brand of style and fashion. The ultimate design of the website with content would provide a source of assurance to both brides and grooms.


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