Our client came to us with a vision: a website for a smart modern M&E engineering company. This website was to be used mainly as a portfolio for presentation. They described a darker, mysterious and refreshing design unafraid of being different. Reflecting their works, attention-grabbing palettes were needed, along with a bold and precise UX architecture. ☑ Customised Web Design   ☑ Reorganisable Sub Galleries   ☑ Customised Sliders to Services


DNO Engineers provides a complete M&E consultancy service in the building industry across diverse industries, housing a suite of modern technological and regulatory services. DNO Engineers prides its success on its constant industrial adaptation, setting the benchmark through Green Sustainable measures in everyday designs and new levels of automation. All so to provide the best-in-class and latest cost effective solutions.


DNO Engineers envisioned a website that would stand out from the dry and outdated web design their industry was known for. In particular, DNO Engineers wanted their website to instantly grip interest with a modern dark horse aesthetic when presenting it to clients. The UX had to be simple but customised based on viewer intention, for a smooth professional showcase.


Key features Under our Simple, Affordable Web Design Package,
✔ Image Galleries and reorganisable Sub Galleries on the Projects page

✔ Auto Page Generation for easy and consistent expansion of website
✔ Customised Sliders on each Service Page to showcase or funnel users to related services

✔ Responsive Web Design

✔ Services and Projects Overview pages

✔ Customised Web Design which is modern with a slick dark theme

✔ Copyediting to sharpen and reflect engineering designs


What would rouse an authoritative yet innovative impression in the first 2 seconds? The requirement for a mysterious, dark horse theme was integral and we had to take inspiration from ‘dark themes’ across popular digital platforms: YouTube, Google, WhatsApp, etc. The objective was to break free of the engineering industry’s stereotypical achromatic web designs.


Playing off the modern architecture and futuristic facades that were part of a crisp brand image, our moodboard found the right mix between an invigorating contrast and a deeper backdrop of bold and assertive charisma. The brighter themes assume centre stage to draw attention to key content, alternating between the dimmer background and white space to shift focus across the website.



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