WYM is an online apparel store that separates itself from other fashion labels and brands by focusing on upscale streetwear for the urbanly stylish community. It remakes streetwear into a lifestyle that is altogether confident, elegant, comfortable and laidback. With its main offices based in Australia, its online presence now stretches across Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


Client Requirement

An emerging eCommerce brand at the time, WYM had a tight timeline. They needed a custom content management system to update product pages with minimal experience and an inventory management system for digital stock-keeping. They also wanted customers to easily find and assess products to accelerate purchase intent. The UX design on the frontend and backend had to be comprehensive, intuitive and efficient.

What We Did

Key features Under our E-Commerce Package,
✔ User-Friendly CMS Customised for Client’s Website and Needs

✔ Store with Smart Product Filter, allowing customers to find the product categorically
✔ Evenly aligned product images for a clean, efficient look

✔ Cart, Checkout, Payment features for secure and fast cart to payment with customised order confirmation form/s.
✔ Cart Recovery System to automate follow-up emails and trigger discounts
✔ Automated Inventory Management where real-time inventory reflects purchases online

✔ Auto Page Generation for easy and consistent expansion of website

✔ Automated SEO and Social Media integration
✔ Web Security Defender to provide protection for customer billing information





Visually, WYM’s apparels and accessories should be the frontrunners of the website. With the exception of key sections, a white, clean canvas should be applied across the site to make the products a more pronounced targets of attention. They would carry naturally bold lifestyle colours. The website would feel like a trendy streetwear shop catered for style.


Our inspirations paved way to a moodboard with bold and aggressive dark colours that brought a stark contrast between the white space and the iconic sections of the website. This simple sharpness reflected the smartness of the sharply modern yet casual fashion brand of WYM. The singular focus as visitors scrolled through would appeal to the individuality of being yourself in a busy world.


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