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Top Quality Web Design Services

We provide one-stop web design packages for your business, regardless of market, industry or key clients. Let our passionate team develop amazing websites ready to become a digital asset to your brand. 

TL;DR – The Dream Fox Web Design Advantage

Stay Ahead of the Competition

In a saturated design industry, we know the importance of having a website that doesn't just look good, it also performs better than your competitors'. Our custom websites are fast and mobile-friendly with affordable prices and the latest technology.

Scales Along With Your Business

Our design company has worked with a wide range of industries and digital solutions to ensure your website grows with you as a business owner. Our passionate team of SEO gurus, designers, digital marketing experts and developers customise your website from the ground up to create a resonating digital presence for key clients.

Designed for Conversion

We build custom websites that are UX-tested, proven to generate sales and brand awareness, and improve search engine rankings for your intended audience. Our services revolve around reducing bounce rates and increasing conversion rates - every pixel on your site is strategically positioned for maximum impact.

From Start-ups to Global

We're a web design agency that's harnessed an amazing team of professionals to help both international clients and Singaporean businesses, from start-ups to global brands, get their message out to their target audience, old and new.

Seize the Ultimate Website Bundle

Look no further for one-stop web development that's designed to impress and earn. Revamping or starting anew? Enjoy modern designs that are timeless, responsive and SEO-friendly. Automate your business with the most affordable premium web design features! Success starts here.

OUR MOST POPULAR Web Design Packages

Let’s develop compelling and functional websites with business processes ready to become an asset to your brand. You name it, we’ll make it happen.  

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For Your Online Store – ECommerce Website Design Service

Turn your Ecommerce web design into profits! As more customers transfer to online platforms, brands around the world, including Southeast Asia and Singaporean businesses, demand for online stores and E-Commerce development.


With the right web design company and user experience design, you could have an online presence capable of global and instant outreach to key clients in Singapore and worldwide access to online customers. Skyrocket customer satisfaction with our E-commerce website design package.

For A Boost In Organic Traffic – SEO Services for Quality Website Design

An online presence in Singapore, Southeast Asia or globally only means anything if it translates into traffic from your intended audience. Our SEO services ensure your website not only looks good, but ranks well on Google. A recent study shows that SEO gets you more interested and long-term leads from your key clients.


As part of our SEO Web Development package, your custom website design gets the most out of every visitor, with your online presence fine-tuned and indexed in all the right places for optimal product rankings on Google and your industry.

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Our Basic Fuss Free Option – Feature-Rich, Simple, Affordable Website Design Service

Our budget-friendly website design option is popular because these basic plans can give any functional website attractive designs and powerful features on par with premium plans. For any range of industries, we provide affordable, clean and simple designs to create beautiful websites based on your design choices. 


Microsite design & development services for brand occasions or events are also part of our team’s strong arsenal. As part of our professional service, we’ll even help you build internal links for cross-website promotion! View our client websites to see how we do it!

Made For All Devices – Mobile Responsive Web Design Service

Mobile internet traffic has been exploding, accounting for more than half of global web traffic in 2022. Penetrating a share of the mobile market means: higher traffic, higher conversions and better branding for business. Google also advocates web responsiveness for a boost on their search engine rankings.
With best design practices, we future-proof every website for mobile responsiveness, so that it’ll automatically resize for a great display on any smart device for your intended audience on the go. Oh, and this comes free with any of our website design packages!
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Forging Your Competitive Edge – Focusing On The IMPACT

The bottom line of web design, digital marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, and any kind of marketing is conversion. All of our websites are packed with a wide range of powerful features to easily scale up your online presence and increase conversion rates, such as attractive designs that loads fast, has good security, and most importantly, convert potential clients to customers.

With a holistic approach to user experience design and development, we go beyond your average web design company every step of the way — from ideation to launch. Besting other web design or marketing agencies, our web design services come with a meticulous initialisation phase to brand your website proper from the get-go. Hop over to our detailed website design questionnaire to help us understand your business, competitors and your top 3 success essentials for your website!

Our dedicated and local team of experienced developers and SEO experts smith websites with a timeless and stunning design made with love that's adaptable to any direction and good SEO practices. Now your website will rock at scaling up, site expansions, marketing campaigns, SEO, or even integrating NPO donations or Ecommerce.

All our custom websites are built on WordPress, the same CMS (Content Management System) used by top global companies such as Microsoft News, Vogue, and the New York Times Company. WordPress powers 65% of the CMS market share, followed by Joomla at 4.6% and Wix at 1.3%. It means you'll be on the same powerful, highly customised platform used by global brands that is widely supported and easy to maintain (or find maintainance for).

We aim to build long-term relationships across Southeast Asia and the world, developing custom-branded presence for businesses. Customer satisfaction is, to us, fostering valuable partnerships, exclusive support networks and mutual wins. Our wealth of experience has been well-received by many of our global and Singaporean clients. Got a project in mind? Contact us and let us make the difference!

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We Make Website Management Easy – Value Added Services

A website is more than just looks. Reach out and bring in your key clients with our web upgrade services. From logo design and speed optimisation to cybersecurity, marketing services and content writing, we’ve got you covered with a suite of digital solutions. Discover interactive web design features you’ve been missing out!

Custom Content Editor

Worth S$200, we're now offering our proprietary content editor for free! Customised for your website and objectives (expansion, Ecommerce, LMS, etc.), our web designers create an accessible dashboard for you to upload anything as if you were blogging or uploading a Facebook post!

Why contact web development companies or vendors when you can simply edit your content the way you want it in seconds, anytime, on the go and even at the last minute? Save money on new services and save time on briefing and waiting for your website to be updated. With the Custom Content Editor add-on, the ease of ownership is in your hands.

Web Security Champion

Website security is important to everyone who owns a website, whether you have a brand reputation to protect or your website contains confidential customer data submitted to you. Uber’s 2017 data breach, which stole information from around 57 million passengers and drivers, likely contributed to the downfall of its business. Even major Singaporean businesses like SingHealth suffered a cyberattack in 2018.

If you can’t afford to destroy years of brand identity, development and traffic on your website, we invite you to check out our digital solutions.

Copywriting & Copyediting

Need content that sells on your website, landing pages, email marketing or social media marketing, while meeting deadlines? From print to professional web copywriting, our Singapore in-house team of content writers are adept at every type of copywriting that targets Singaporean clients or an intended audience overseas, designed to bolster your marketing strategy for conversion. Whether SME, agency, charity or MNC, the only content that matters is content that markets.

Inclusive of social media support, bundled with graphic design, enjoy package discounts on our content writing services as a branding bonus to your website!

UI/UX Centric Designs

As a web development company, we design functional websites with both user experience and customer experience in mind. Whether it's a landing page, Ecommerce website or microsite, our UI/UX designers cater to the usability and intuition of global and Singaporean clients so your local target audiences can enjoy your business meaningfully.

Leveraging our expertise in best design practices, we combine quality website design with a range of marketing solutions to create an online presence based on the researched intentions of your visitors on a page-by-page basis. This overlooked factor humanises and personalises your website to maximise sales, customer satisfaction and a positive impact for business!

Competitive Website Speed Optimisation

Design may be the first thing your visitors see on your website, but speed is the first thing they experience. By extension, that’s the first thing that your website is judged for. Mobile-friendly websites with fast loading speeds are favoured both by customers and Google, while a slow one is frowned upon. In fact, in any web design project, 2022 design statistics show that the ideal speed your website should load at is less than 5 seconds.

For all our design & development projects, we always ensure quality website design with a consistent loading speed of 3 seconds or less to hit that sweet spot for conversions and viewer retention.

Digital Marketing

In need of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) on Google or Facebook Marketing? A great marketing campaign requires in-depth research for a good balance of investments and returns. Targeting has to be precise and directed at your intended audience (whether they're Singaporean clients or from across the world) so you don't end up reeling in losses and paying for bounce rates.

What's more, you'll need to know what metrics to measure and analyse performance by, and who better to guide you than a passionate team of web developers? Send us a message and our Search Engine Marketing consultants will contact you directly for your budget and ad requirements!

Graphics & Print Design

Graphic design is more than just creating pretty visuals. Whether it’s for print material, websites or other marketing materials, good design is like a facelift - it's key to helping people notice your business and remember it. Good graphic design plays a vital role in creating awareness, engaging the audience, and persuading them to take action. Let our experienced in-house designers help you portray your brand on canvas! Our graphics and print design service packages includes:

- Logo & Visual Identity Design
- Social Media Design
- Marketing Materials (Brochures, Flyers, Posters etc.)
- Business Cards
- Product Packaging Design
- Corporate Catalogue Design
- Exhibition Panels
- and much more!

Web Design Add-On Packages

Our add-ons are the answer to what we as true blue professionals consider the most ideal website for business. These specific enhancements cumulate into the highest level of web design you can get at these values. And we're using most of them ourselves, save for a few we don't need! We're even throwing in free domain, hosting, speed, cybersecurity, responsive design, and more!

So if you've got specialised requirements, our best add-ons come at bundled prices with any of our Website Design Services.

Enhanced Perks & Advanced Features for All Our Websites

In addition to our wide range of design & development services, as well as easy customised content management systems, all websites developed by our passionate team are equipped with the following standard perks and advanced features at a minimum price. No extra cost!

Check out how we helped our previous clients design these features!

Singapore’s Best Web Design Company – Our Process

As a web design & development company, we have continued to refine a website design process that stands the test of time and achieves success for every one of our clients. 

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7
Step 8
Step 9
Step 10

Getting Started

First, contact us with your requirements or fill up this quick web design questionnaire. We’ll follow-up with a call or meetup to further understand your business and project requirements. The key to starting off is for us to know about your business, your design preference, your target audience, the website functions you want, your preferred custom domain, email hosting needs, and business advantage over your competitors, etc. This allows us to strategise and design your website with a competitive edge over your competitors. 

Planning and Site-Mapping

This is where we take what we’ve understood about your business and industry to plan your website. This includes the sitemap (navigational structure), pages, website structure, user experience of your visitors, and how to position your content in a web-strategic way.


See how we do straightforward designs for our clients on our web design portfolio! 

Setting of Brand's Visual Identity

At this stage, we’ll set up your brand’s basic visual identity guidelines. If you do not already have a professional visual identity guideline in place, we’ll create a moodboard based on your design choices to set up your typeface, colour palette and colour overlays using modern design techniques. This will ensure consistent branding throughout your entire website and also give you an idea of how the website will look like.

If you require a logo to be designed, check out our Logo & Visual Identity design add-on.

Contract and Proposal

A Proposal, including the Sitemap, Moodboard, Quotation and Contract will be prepared for you before you sign on.  We require a 20% (for projects exceeding S$10,000) / 50% deposit before we start on your website due to the huge manpower and resource allocation required to start every website right. 

Gathering of Assets

At this step, we gather assets from you pertaining to both your brand and your product / service. Don’t worry, we’ll be doing all we can to assist you along the way.


Brand Assets: Logos, favicons, information for the website, opening hours, etc.


Other Assets: Product / service photos, price, information / writeups, etc.

Writing of Content

Should you take up our Copywriting/ Copyediting service, we’ll research, gather, and plan out the content of your website based on your sitemap and web design. Our copywriters will also work together with you to create your web content, plan your content architecture and style your brand voice.


If you take up our SEO Website Design Service, our writers go a step further to conduct thorough keyword research, targeted writing and tactical keyword implementation across the website for SEO-optimised content.

Design of Website

With the Visual Identity Guidelines and Sitemap confirmed, we can now start designing your website. The homepage will be designed first for approval, after which the rest of the site will be designed with content being added to the respective sections.

Testing and De-bugging

Now that your website is almost complete, we’ll test it for bugs or glitches, making sure it’s free of any problems. We’ll also iron out any issues or questions you may have.


Nearing completion, we’ll transfer the website from our staging server to your actual web server, ensuring we point your domain to the web server. 

Handover and Training

Prior to handover and training, any remaining payments for the website will be requested. During our handover process, we’ll pass you the login information to your website, domain and web hosting accounts.


A training video for your website made just for you will be sent over, along with a 1-hour training session with our web designer should you require it. We’ve made it easy. You’ll be uploading and adding content like a pro in minutes after we’re done!

After Service

Congratulations! Your website is now live and running! There’s also an option for us to help you promote your website on our social media.


Our lines are always open for you to contact us if you run into any difficulty in future. You’re also welcome to use our live chat feature on our website for fast support!


If you require help with the maintenance of your website, feel free to explore our website maintenance add-on.

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Your Business Comes First

Singaporean businesses or otherwise, web design isn't just a routine to us. Our digital marketing experts study your business and your key clients to make sure our design process meets your exacting needs while meeting deadlines, with customised content management systems so automated that your business gets the immediate competitive edge!

We Aim Beyond Satisfaction

Be it a landing page, ECommerce web design project, a website that's responsive like a mobile application or a full visual identity guide package, going the extra mile in the entire process to deliver the extra "Oomph" for your projects is a quality we take pride in. We want to build awesome websites that provide a positive impact for your business.

An All-Star Motivated Team

Our web development agency houses an amazing team of professionals: full-time web designers, brand designers, graphic designers, copywriters, project managers, and marketers. No freelance web designers here! We're born and bred locals, understanding Singaporean clients intimately. We confess even the equipment we use are bought locally, programmed to make your presence POP!

Affordable & Premium

Why go for an expensive design & development plan when you can achieve the same premium standards with a user-friendly CMS and low-cost price?

No Sketchy Price Tags

Unlike many digital marketing agencies, we despise extra costs without any accountability.

Prices & Packages – How Much Does It Cost?


Web Design Portfolio & Client Websites – Our Recent Works

Still wavering? Well, here’s what we did for some of our Singaporean and global clients! Get into the thought process behind our portfolio and see if we have a previous client whose project you identify with.

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