The client needed a clean but stylish website to match the aesthetic image of their brand. The design had to be minimalistic and bold. With the information and clutter on their previous site, we had to create a structure of navigation to highlight these information in a direct presentation. ☑ Customer Review Section   ☑ Image Galleries with Customer Photos   ☑ Search Box Function


We’ve partnered with Yellow Pages to work with Visage; a hair salon that prides themselves on professional and personalised hair services. An open concept salon, it boasts an earthy Balinese ambience reminiscent of therapeutic well-being and a unique architectural feature overlooking Orchard Road. Their beauty services include programmes tailored for customers by an in-house beautician.


The goal was to create a clean and aesthetically fashionable website that captured the client’s au naturel brand image and positioned Visage as a branded hair salon. We had to identify a colour palette that was simple and consistent across the website, while applying touches of snazzy finishes to it. It was going to take work to organise their content into a sitemap that made access to information, pricing and contacts instant.


Key features Under our Simple, Affordable Web Design Package,
✔ Customer Testimonial Section for quick uploading of testimonials
✔ Image Galleries on homepage with customer photos

✔ Light box effect implemented for easy scrolling and browsing of images
✔ Search Box Function lets site visitors find information instantly
✔ Sitemapping with segmentation of content, structuring the flow of information, CTA
✔ Moving hero banner images

✔ Page design focuses on white space and section transition to enhance page backdrops


Visage’s hair salon follows a rustic and tranquil sense of design that it associates with its brand. The moodboard had to take reference from this in terms of looking and feeling like a place of rest and well being. At the same time, the professional aesthetics and sharp design of the website had to reflect their business values.


A light, brisk tempo of colours would enable the website to exude confidence; framed by black borders at the top and bottom, it would be able to take on a bold modernity at the same time. An oasis of light colours, interlaced with the orange key fonts, white space and stylistic images, within the main content would create a both an aesthetic theme and a welcoming, relaxing impression on visitors.


web design portfolio visage moodboard


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