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TL;DR – The Simple, Affordable Website Advantage

A Simple Website, Packed with Powerful Features

From a custom domain to custom contact forms, a whole security suite, live chat, speed optimisation, to a whole year of free domain and hosting (and a whole lot more), our basic plans web design package scales along with your business. In terms of value for money, we boast the lowest price for what we offer.

Unlimited Business Emails

Customised to brand for your entire team, we create business email accounts for each staff - bundled with an email filtering system that keeps spam out of your inbox, while ensuring deliverability to keep yours out of spam folders. We also provide email hosting services as part of this package.

Smart, Automated Resizing to All Devices

Get responsive, simple websites that automatically resize to whatever device your traffic is coming from, from desktop to mobile - all without the extra costs typically associated with it.

Simple and Hassle Free

Made to scale along with your business plan, all with an affordable web design. Easily edit and manage your content on the go, and seriously smart automations that let you concentrate on what matters.

Find your dream website.

We're here to work with you every step of the way and make sure you get the website you want! Send us a message and we'll take care of everything at this one-stop station.


Break the web design norm: you don’t have to pay premium for a professional plan anymore. 

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Custom Contact Form

Every website requires different information from customers. Our custom email contact form gives you the freedom to ask your customers the right questions. Decide what information is required and what’s optional to start business with your customers.


Receive an automated email to you, your customer, or both, whenever an email contact form is submitted. Track and analyze trends, filter submissions by page, form or date, or export them as you deem fit – all easily done on your dashboard. Need Google Analytics? Drop us a message!

Unlimited Business Emails

Business emails make your company stand out. It’s unprofessional to use a Gmail or hotmail address nowadays for business correspondence. We customise corporate email addresses that reflect your company name and your brand, so your business email shows as an established professional service provider. How good is unlimited email accounts for an affordable business plan?


Our email service also comes bundled with email hosting and SpamExperts – a premium email security solution that keeps spam emails out of your inbox. It also means your emails are less likely to end up in the spam folder.

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Unmatched Security With SSL & Web Security Defender

30,000 websites are hacked everyday, and one successful attempt on yours could mean irrevocable damage to your brand, such as hijacking your customers’ information and tarnishing your business. Most SMEs aren’t aware of the risks of being hacked and believe that hackers wouldn’t bother about small websites. What they don’t realise is that hackers don’t perform the hacks themselves – they program softwares to automatically find and attack vulnerable sites.


Our Web Security Defender set includes a wide range of standard protection including SSL, brute force protection, backend URL customisation, 404 detection, IP ban or blacklist function, file change detection, and more! Want advanced security? Learn more about our Web Security Champion suite.

Instantly Engage Customers With Live Chat

Besides your email contact form, customers expect a sense of immediacy and personal live support on your website. Customer enquiries are a result of direct interest and engagement, so disappointing them is a big no-no.


Achieve real-time customer engagement when we integrate WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger on your website! Give your customers the support they deserve.

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Blazing Fast Website Speed Optimisation

Speed is critical for search engine optimization. Google takes web speed seriously when ranking your website. It also contributes to your customer retention rate. How many times have you left a website because it loaded too slowly?


That’s why we make speed optimisation FREE for all the websites we design. We take serious pride in our services and we want the best for your site. Want your website to achieve a high conversion rate? Take a look at how we optimise your website for speed.

I like how simple the website is to manage, especially with the training video they provided!

Laura Chong

We Make Websites Easy – Manage, Run and Scale It Your Way!

Free 1 Year Domain and Accelerated Web Hosting

A domain name is the name of your website. In our case, it's dreamfoxdesign.com. A web hosting service (including email hosting) houses the databases and programs that make up your website, and serves its contents to website users. Domain registration and hosting plans are mandatory for all websites to remain live, whether you build the website yourself or have it built by a web agency.

We give a full year of free custom domain ownership and web hosting plans for your website. Thereafter, there's an annual billing cycle. Custom domain ownership costs S$20 to S$60 a year, while web hosting costs S$50 to S$200 a year. Our web host uses Litespeed Technology, cPANEL, and MariaDB, giving you enhanced security, blazing website speeds, and greater performance for even the most demanding traffic. Just give either of them a quick search on Google and you'll see why it's the best option for web hosting around.

Up to 10 Pages!

In this affordable web design package, we design up to 10 pages:

6 fully customised pages:
Contact Us
Services/Blog Archive
Services/Blog Single
Custom Header and Footer

4 standard pages:
Terms & Conditions
Privacy Policy
Backend Login

This will give you more than enough to kickstart your website at full swing. Whether you’re a start-up or a seasoned player, 10 pages will give you the core coverage you need, and more.

Edit and Manage Content For Free

Instead of having to contact your web designer every time you need to edit your content and wait days for them to send you a quote, why not do it yourself easily? Even if you're rushing for time, you'll be able to edit your own content quickly in case of a last-minute change.

Our Custom Content Editor Add-on FREE!
Whether for online stores with content for online payments, for a responsive web design or a minimalist design, you now have the power to easily edit the content on your website. Access your dashboard and edit your content on the go, the way you want it. Bypass the tedious process of briefing and waiting for your web agency, plus you save money. That's power!

Seriously SEO Friendly

We don't use the term seriously lightly. Most websites that claim to be "SEO friendly" aren't really. After all, it takes serious skills and knowledge about SEO and building websites to make a website truly SEO friendly. Here at Dream Fox Design, every website is custom built with responsive design from the ground up, as part of our basic business plan. This gives us the most leverage and control over things like its speed, internal links, navigation structure, markups, security and mobile responsiveness.

If you’re familiar with Search Engine Optimisation, I’m sure you’ve heard about Yoast SEO or All-In-One SEO. While these tools come with a free, limited version, their paid packages range from S$121/year to S$132/year. What if we told you about an SEO tool with more premium functions than Yoast SEO and All-In-One SEO combined, and we’re giving it to you for free?

Get meta-data, alt-image data, rich snippets, and a Google-friendly XML sitemap which informs Google every time you update your website – automatically! Don’t know what keywords to use to best reach your customers online? Receive automatic keyword recommendations and track their performance. Need we say more?

Mobile Responsiveness Auto-Included!

Mobile internet traffic has been skyrocketing, with mobile traffic accounting for 56.05% of web traffic as of 2022. A responsive web design is highly recommended by Google to be more visible to over 90% of searches worldwide on its search engine. Clearly, this is a make-or-break ranking factor for your website.

Due to this widespread mobile audience, we expect websites to be adaptive. So it goes without saying that it's our priority to make all websites mobile-friendly, at no extra cost! Website loading time, user experience and user interface are also important ranking factors we optimise for your website as part of our responsive website development expertise.

Enhanced Perks & Additional Features for All Our Websites

In addition to the features listed above in our starter plan, all websites developed by us are equipped with the following standard perks and advanced features, some of which are unlimited products:

How We Succeed – The Web Design Process

Now let’s get you started with our basic plans for powerful features! Tap on the arrows to look through our simple web design process. 

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7
Step 8
Step 9
Step 10

Getting Started

Let’s get started! Message us or fill out our online form to tell us what you need and we will follow up with a phone call or meeting. This is when we get to learn about your business, design preferences, target audience, functions of the website, preferred domain name and email hosting needs. We also assess your competitive advantage over other companies in order to design a timeless website uniquely for you!

Planning and Site-Mapping

We combine what we know about your business and industry to create a website where visitors can find information in an intuitive way. This includes the navigational structure (sitemap), pages, and how you present your content strategically on the site.

Setting of Brand's Visual Identity

It is important that your brand has a consistent visual identity. This means you’ll want that brand identity echoing through your website and other platforms. To set up your visual identity guidelines, we’ll arrange your brand’s typography, colour palette, image preference and overlays into a moodboard based on design choices you make. We do this using modern techniques like infusing negative space to get as close of an idea of how your website will look like while also making sure it looks good!


As an example of our work, here is one of our awesome designs for clients in our web design portfolio!

Contract and Proposal

We prepare a proposal for you to go over. This includes the Moodboard, Quotation and Contract. We require at least 20% of the project cost upfront in order to start working on your website because there are necessary resources and manpower involved with starting it off right. 

Gathering of Assets

To start with your branding, we will need assets from you related to both your brand and product / service. We’ll do our best to help you so don’t worry!


Brand assets include logos, favicons, brand graphics and opening hours for the website.


Other assets includes product photos, service descriptions, prices, etc.

Writing of Content

If you decide to engage our Copywriting/ Copyediting service, our copywriters research and plan out the content of your website based on your sitemap so far. We’ll also work together with you to create relevant web content as well as a content structure that reflects your brand voice.

Design of Website

We start designing your website by first creating the homepage for approval according to your sitemap and Visual Identity Guidelines. Once this is done, the design of future sections will follow suit. Afterwards, content is added accordingly throughout the site.

Testing and De-bugging

This is the final step for a website. We’ll test it for glitches, making sure you have a bug-free site to show off and there are no problems present. We’ll also go through any questions or doubts you may have. From here on, we will transfer your website from our staging server to your actual web server, while pointing your domain to it, so visitors can access the site and all its content.

Handover and Training

Prior to our handover and training, any remaining payments for the website will have to be made. We’ll provide you with login information for your domain and hosting accounts as well as a video tutorial on how to use your website. Should you need it, there will also be an hour-long session of one-on-one training with our web designer included in the package deal! We have automated it all so that adding content or making changes like a pro is easy!

After Service

We did it! Your website is now live and running. If you need help in future, feel free to contact our customer service representatives by phone or by using our website’s quick Live Chat feature. Our lines are always open for you. 


If your business requires maintenance on a regular basis, don’t hesitate to add a maintenance add-on to your package specifically to help with the upkeep of your site and keep it running smoothly.

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Our Web Design Service – Why Are We Better?

We Think of Your Business as Ours

We never create a website just because it's work. Our team is always on the lookout for ways to help our customers. Studying your business and market helps us find a solution that will give you an edge over your competitors!

We're Passionate about Excellence

Whether it's a corporate website, Ecommerce site, LMS platform or website revamp - we take pride in going to great lengths in your projects to deliver that satisfying "Oomph" all the time.

A Diverse and Experienced Team

Our local team at Dream Fox Design is made up of professional web designers, brand designers, graphic designers, copywriters and project managers. We even consider our computers part of the in-house team.

Clear Costs

No one has time or patience for troublesome, secret fees. We certainly don't!

Web Design Prices & Packages – How Much Does It Cost?


Web Design Portfolio – Our Recent Works

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