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What is E-commerce, Its importance and how it will change your business

The term e-commerce refers to the sale of goods and services over the internet by setting up an online store. It is an important part of the internet economy. In 2020, e-commerce sales worldwide reached 4.28 trillion US dollars and are projected to grow to 5.4 trillion US dollars in 2022. Globally, e-commerce online sales are projected to grow from 16.2 billion US dollars in 2015 to 20.4 billion US dollars in 2020 . The online marketplace is no longer just the domain of large retailers; millions of small and medium-sized businesses are now setting up online business to sell their products through their websites.

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Life & News

Circuit Breaker’s Ending! 8 Awesome Businesses To Check Out If You’re Singaporean Enough

Circuit Breaker’s ending soon. No one’s sure what’s safe but we Singaporeans still crave great deals for food, insurance and other things to get besides groceries! Here are 8 awesome businesses we found for you!

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Life & News

Solidarity in Covid-19 & Circuit Breaker: 15 Services For Businesses, By Businesses

In times of Covid-19 and CB, government support may not be enough. We found 15 businesses providing valuable and rewarding points of support for other businesses! Here’s to solidarity in each other’s expertise and initiatives.

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Life & News

Why Businesses Will Rise Above Covid-19 And Circuit Breaker

Covid-19 and Circuit Breaker are forcing businesses to evolve to meet consumer trends and adapt to digitalisation. By repositioning brands as essential answers for essential needs, businesses will take centre stage in the economy.

covid-19 pandemic novel coronavirus circuit breaker covid19 featured image
Life & News

10 Ways To Survive COVID-19 And Circuit Breaker Without Going Out

Can’t leave the house due to Covid-19 and Circuit Breaker? From shopping online and working from home to virtual tours and home workouts, survive even the zombie apocalypse with this.

how to email passive-aggressive office emails featured image

20 Passive-Aggressive Office Emails Every Singaporean Has Seen

What are the typical office emails Singaporeans write and what do they mean? If you’ve worked in Singapore, you’d definitely recognise these passive-aggressive emails!

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