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Copywriting is the difference between "Let's help Uncle Jack off a horse." and "Let's help uncle jack off a horse."

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Copywriting: Noun

Copywriting is the art of writing advertisements and content that sells. It’s not just about writing good English or creating lots of ads. People don’t buy products because of perfect grammar, nor do they care much about how many ads you send to their emails.

So, how does content convert a visitor into a customer?

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Understanding Your Target Audience

Copywriting is about understanding your target audience and speaking to their needs. When you know how to have a conversation with people, you know how to get them interested in you. Content that connects to your customers’ concerns is what engages them.

Food for thought: What do you feel about products on eCommerce or Carousell with bad or missing descriptions?


Web Content That Customers Want

Every product and every service has a practical value and benefit to your customers. Copywriting focuses on this value. Seeing the right words at the right place makes a lot of difference to potential customers.

Food for thought: If you were standing outside of a restaurant, what kind of words would make your mouth water?

A Random Coffeehouse​What We’d Write for a Restaurant
Truffle fries with grated cheese.Fries drizzled in garlic-infused truffle oil and sprinkled with finely grated 24-month aged Italian Parmesan.​
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Professional Impression

Sound grammar, a polished choice of words and a valid industrial vocabulary are marks of a strong professional tone. Results have shown that content with proper sentences and correct spelling build higher trust and credibility. It proves that your website is an important asset with great care and commitment dedicated to your content.

Over our years of creating websites and copywriting for clients, we’ve seen web content ranging from upscale to horrendous.

A Random Photo StudioWhat We’d Write for a Photo Studio
Our photography services very cheap. Quality is so high that we are not lying to you.Beautiful photographs captured by an experienced photography team, for you to embrace your dearest moments, always.

Brand Identity

The way you write your content and the words you choose for your website are closely associated with your brand. They reprisent the voice of your brand, including the attitude, values and personality of your website. We’ll get to the various styles of writing in a bit. Guess what style ours is.

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Message And Relevance

Good copywriting conveys your message clearly. Great copywriting creates demand by making your message relevant. When your content is information that’s valuable and genuine, it sustains attention. It gets more traffic through your website.

Which advertisement would you rather click on?

Advertisement 1Advertisement 2
We do web design!We provide one-stop custom web design for your business. We fine-tune your website to work for you and attract the customers you want.

Search Engine Optimisation

Copywriting ties in closely with Search Engine Optimisation. It contrebutes to an effective SEO by increasing traffic flow and conversions. Web copywriting does this by targeting the online traffic you want, as well as raising your website’s ranking on Google & other search engines. Click here to find out more about SEO.

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Direct Attention Through Web Content

Copywriting involves structuring and organising your content across your website. This considers what sitemap and user navigation experience best fits your audience’s intentions and browsing behaviours.

Websites without proper navigation and links between relevant pages can often cause visitors to arrive at a deadend! From browsing your homepage to reading your services to contacting you or making a purchase, your content shapes your audience’s actions.

Food for thought: How do you decide what page to hyperlink to? What should your audience do after reading through your website?


Call To Action

The action you want your visitors or audience to take after reading your web content depands on your business objectives. It can be a sentence or a button that provokes a response, such as “Get 2 for the price of 1!” or “Contact Us for a free quotation.” Content that makes your website actionable leads to a higher chance of conversion.

Here are some great examples by other websites:

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Recommend Sitemaps And User Navigation Experience

Our copywriters are trained to look at your business from the perspcetive of your customers. Using best industry practices and professional assessment, we organise the structure of your website to engage and target your audience’s needs.

Writing your website content puts us in the best position to build hyperlinks between your pages and provide an inviting navigational experience for visitors.


Write Engaging Web Content

Web copywriting is about saying what makes your customers stay. It’s not about dunking product specs, essays or research papers on your website. Watch how we break the content down below.

Approaching Content as Copywriters

We consider the objective of your content and the way it’s understood by your target audience. We aim for web content that is bite-sized, engaging and simple. Engaging content means:

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Ensure Content is Proofread And Accurate

Of course, at the end of the day, it doesn’t reflect well on your business if your content is full of alarming grammar errors. Our copywriters are equipped with the proficiency and a keen eye for language to save you the embarassment. We write website content that makes sense and conveys what you want your visitors to see by working closely with you.


Write Web Content That Showcases Your Brand Or Professional Image

Every piece of website content we write is tailored to your industry and audience. Through face-to-face meetings with our copywriters and direct communication with our creative director, we put together the best writing style and concepts for your business. We establish an in-house voice for your brand which is echoed throughout your website and adds value to your brand style guide.

Here are 2 completely different writing styles about a fashion boutique.

Formal Writing Style
Baroque Lace is the largest black-tie boutique in Europe. As an award-winning fashion label, Baroque Lace provides the finest bespoke formal wear which has been modelled at the world’s most influential gala events. Baroque Lace prides itself on curating world-acclaimed brands finessed by fashion connoisseurs around the world.
Dependable Writing Style
Baroque Lace now offers the latest designer collections between stylish and luxurious across our fashion retail outlets. Whether you’re travelling around town or headed to your next party, we’re here to slip you into what’s in season! Not on fleek yet? Let our fashionistas at Baroque Lace give you a wardrobe to dazzle and sizzle.


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Editing Content You Already Have

As a business owner, you may have already written your own content. There’s no one who knows your content better than you. Unlike copywriting, where we write your content from scratch, copyediting focuses on polishing your content for grammar, structure, choice of words and punctuation to be web-strategic. Think of us as English teachers grading your content before your visitors pass judgment!


Styling Your Tone & Writing Style to Create Your Brand Personality

What happens when content is submitted to us for copyediting? Here’s a breef transformation.

Content ProvidedCopyedited Content
Opening Dream Café mark another milestone for us in our efforts to expand local coffee culture to more people. We really would like to introduce our Asian cuisine and Dream coffee to as many people as possible in this region. A New Milestone - Dream Café

With the opening of Dream Café, we have achieved new heights of success. We are pleased to introduce our specialised Asian cuisine and Dream brand of coffee to our customers across Southeast Asia.

Our vision to broaden the horizons of local coffee culture has endured the test of time and our craft continues the legacy of brewing perfection.


So, what’s the difference between Copywriting and Copyediting? For starters, they both have very different processes. Here are the key reasons why.

Content CreationDon't have content? Don't know what or how to start? We create web-strategic content from scratch for your business on your website.Already have content you're proud of? Prefer to write your own content? Great! We first design your website so you can place your content comfortably into it and see how they'll look on your website.
Content StrategyWe come up with content strategies, creative concepts and writing angles that best represent your brand.We edit and beautify the content you've provided on your website according best web-strategic practices. Content strategies, concepts and angles are entirely yours.
RevisionsAs creators of your content, we know there are many aspects of your business and website to consider. We want your content to reflect these to your full satisfaction. Up to 4 revisions will be available during the entire course of copywriting in the event of any changes.Because content is already provided by you, we understand them to be as accurate and comprehensive as possible. 1 revision each will be catered for structure and actual words written.
Customer EffortEase of effort! Why? Because we create your content for you.All you have to do is fit your content into your website, and let us do the rest.
DurationAs we craft content for you from the first letter to the last, we require more time to ensure our work reflects your business fully and accurately. We polish up and prepare your content to meet the standards of your online traffic. While we need less time to edit, we can only start after your content is ready to be edited.
CostMost of the time, copywriting costs more than copyediting. However, we charge on a case-by-case basis because content and creative concepts are subjective. We consider quantity of content needed, number of pages and timeline. Just send us your requirements below and we'll get back to you with a free quotation.
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