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TL;DR – The Ecommerce Website Advantage

Packed with Smart Features for a Scalable Platform

Automate the endless programming technicalities on your website so you can concentrate on building a successful business. Automated SEO markups, user-friendly interface and optimisation for social media sharing are just some of our wide range of features. Analyse and track user purchase behavior anytime, anywhere.

Proven To Boost Your Online Sales

Improve your customer scores! With our suite of smart, scalable sales features like automated shopping cart recovery sequence, online payments, bulk import features, payment processor link ups, product reviews sections, smart coupon codes, customer reward point systems and even email marketing campaigns, it's no wonder why we're the obvious choice for E-commerce websites! 

Seriously Enhanced Security

Want a specialized Ecommerce platform for security? Worried about hackers intercepting online payments? Packed with enhanced security features made especially for Ecommerce websites, such as SSL certificates, DDOS mitigation, 2 Factor Authentication, secure payment processor integration, and more, we build powerful Ecommerce platforms, each with a safe online shopping experience.

Tailored and Custom Designed For Your Business

Whether you a complete beginner or an established brick-and-mortar business, we're confident we can create an Ecommerce design for an impactful online presence with scalable sales features. Don't just take our words for it. Need a customizable platform or thinking of building an Ecommerce marketplace? Check out our advanced features below!

Turn your Online Store into profits.

We're here to work with you every step of the way and create a successful Ecommerce website for you in one go. Kickstart with one message.

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With POWERFUL ECommerce platforms, now anyone can easily LAUNCH, MANAGE & EXPAND their online business. 

Simple But Smart – Easy E-Commerce Product Management

What good is an online store if you can’t figure out how to add or edit a product? No matter your experience with E-Commerce; whether you’re a complete beginner at an online store or you’re an E-Commerce veteran, we’ve made it so easy to manage for a successful business. Even complete beginners will have no sweat with our quick access CMS and autosave feature!


Easily create unlimited products with bulk import features, set the price, product category, automate sale racks for special products, racks with discount codes, inventory, SKU, description, amendable shipping rates, and more! All in one easy-to-use dashboard for a perfect Ecommerce platform.

Automate The Boring Stuff – Automated SEO Markups & Snippets For Your Store

You don’t need sit through a course to showcase your products on Google from your E-Commerce store. We’ve made it such a specialized Ecommerce platform even the SEO is automated with built-in SEO tools.


Automatically generate Rich Snippets to improve search-ability and click-through rates. Did we mention that search engines like Google love SEO ranking factors too? We’re here to help you make your automation timeless so you can focus on your scalable platform.

Better User Experience With Social Media Optimisation For Your E-Commerce Products

We’re in the heart of the 21st century where a popular Ecommerce platform is bound to attract a lot of attention and traffic. With quality products and attractive sale racks, it’s inevitable that your customers share and recommend them to their friends and families. Of course, you’re going to want those shares to look glamorous on social platforms.


You don’t even need to optimise each share preview individually. In your E-Commerce store, everything is automatically optimised to be shared professionally on all social platforms whenever you add or update a product. We did promise you a smart E-Commerce website, and it’s for unlimited products!

Find Your Products – Smart Product Filters For Your Smart E-Commerce Store

A powerful Ecommerce platform gives you the pleasure of flooding your online store with unlimited products. But then, you start experiencing low sales. Based on the latest statistics, there is a 100% chance your customers won’t buy a product they cannot find. 😉


As a part of our scalable sales features, you can classify and promote your products with our smart filters – by price, rating, product category, sale racks, amendable shipping rates and even colours – to reach your customers and get greater online sales.

An Ecommerce Platform Proven To Increase Sales

All our E-Commerce websites are built with one goal in mind: MORE SALES. Our Cart Recovery function reaches out to users who have abandoned their carts or haven’t made online payments. Cart recovery follow-up has been statistically proven to help with conversion rates in the last part of the shopping journey – the payment gateway and payment processor! To increase your customer score, let’s add incentive coupons for abandoned carts for you.


Here are some other things we can do to usher customers to your site’s checkout process:
1) Creating and angling email marketing campaigns.
2) Adapting your Ecommerce site to international payments.
3) Adding a Related Products section to influence more purchases.
4) Establishing trust with a Customer Reviews or Product Reviews section for peer testimonials.
5) Maximising web speed which increases retention rates.
6) Automating key analytical insights from your E-Commerce store for you to scale up your online business.

We're The Proven Choice For E-Commerce Solutions - Designed For Increased Sales & Scalability

We Make E-Commerce Easy – Run & Scale It Your Way!

1 Year Free Domain and Accelerated Web Hosting

A domain name is the name of your website, and in our case, its dreamfoxdesign.com. Web hosting houses the databases and programs that make up your website, and serves its contents to website users. Web hosting and domain plans are mandatory for all websites to remain live, whether you build the website yourself or have it built by a web agency. The difference is with us - you get a bonus 1-year free domain.

Unlike an Ecommerce website builder or online store builder, our Ecommerce plan gives a full year of free custom domain and web hosting plans for your website. Thereafter, domain ownership costs S$20 to S$60 a year, while web hosting costs S$50 to S$200 a year. Our web host uses Litespeed Technology, cPANEL, and MariaDB - giving you enhanced security, blazing website speeds, and greater performance for even the most demanding traffic. Just give either of them a quick search on Google and you'll see why they're the best options for web hosting around.

Smart Coupons For Your Online Store

Another example of our scalable sales features which lets you easily create and automate all your coupon codes for your E-Commerce store. Set usage restrictions, coupon limits and rules, racks with discount codes - all on an easy-to-use dashboard for a successful business.

Powerful Features Tailored & Custom Designed For Your Business

From multi-language E-Commerce websites, custom layouts and white backgrounds for stunning product imagery, to programmed Cart Recovery, Live Chats, email marketing campaigns and Smart Contact Forms, the customizable possibilities for your specialized Ecommerce platform is endless. 

Optimised For Speed Regardless of Scalability

The global loading speed of all websites averages 8.66 seconds, but the ideal speed is 3 seconds and below. Be it one product or unlimited products, our Ecommerce websites are designed to function with that efficiency under the heaviest bandwidth. That means you can be an Ecommerce startup and all you'll ever need is a one-stop ultimate design to expand into global markets, international payments, amendable shipping rates for worldwide product orders.

With our timeless Ecommerce web development, your website will never slow down or be under long periods of maintenance no matter how far your business expands, leaving you free to take care of your marketing and growing product lines! And here's a free advantage! Websites with faster loading speeds, or speed optimisation, will be prioritised for a higher rank on Google's search engine. See what else we can throw in to maximise your website speed.

Mobile Responsiveness Auto-Included!

Mobile internet traffic has been skyrocketing, with mobile traffic accounting for 56.05% of web traffic as of 2022. A responsive web design is highly recommended by Google to be more visible to over 90% of searches worldwide on its search engine. Clearly, this is a make-or-break ranking factor for your website.

Due to this widespread mobile audience, we expect websites to be adaptive. So it goes without saying that it's our priority to make all websites mobile-friendly, at no extra cost! Website loading time, user experience and user interface are also important ranking factors we optimise for your website as part of our responsive website development expertise.

Enhanced Security, Made For E-Commerce

A security breach in your E-Commerce Store containing your customer's credit card information is sure to send anyone into full panic mode, regardless of local or international payments. While big hacking stories are usually shown in the news (SingHealth cyberattack in 2018) or in movies, the truth is any small-time website selling keychains or a no-name blog is also as vulnerable.

These attacks are automated through a computer programme that performs attacks randomly and rapidly. In today's digital landscape, phishing is incredibly prevalent, with the means of redirecting your online visitors to other websites for unauthorised payments.

In light of this serious threat, our Full Security Suite - with features like 2-Factor Authentication Logins (similar to logging into your bank account), SSL and Secure Payments - deters even the most persistent threats from getting through to your payment gateway. Now, regardless of payment methods, your customers can feel safe and reassured with your security credibility. Check out more on what we do for website security.

Unmatched Scalibility For Your E-Commerce Business

Our E-Commerce websites are built to expand and be a scalable platform alongside your business. Expanding overseas? Deciding on amendable shipping rates? How about a bulk import feature for unlimited products instantly? We've got you!

By default, your content is already part of an online presence - being delivered via a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) to users from all parts of the world. You're now free to scale up your online business to your heart's content and decide what to put on the sale racks, while our smart E-Commerce website automatically takes care of backend operations like SEO, Order Status Emails, Social Media Sharing and Product Filters.

Enhanced Perks & Advanced Features for All Our Websites

In addition to the wide range of Ecommerce key features listed above such as automated cart recovery, stunning product imagery and product reviews, all websites developed by us are equipped with the following standard perks and advanced features at a minimum price. No extra cost!

How We Succeed – The Ecommerce Website Design Process

Now that you have an idea of what a powerful Ecommerce platform entails, let’s take a look at how we do it. Tap on the arrows to look through our Ecommerce web design process. 

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Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
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Step 8
Step 9
Step 10

Getting Started

Get in touch with us to talk about your requirements or complete our web design questionnaire. We’ll follow up with a call or meeting to figure out all of your business needs and project requirements. This will give us time to get an understanding of what you need for the website (such as design preference, target audience, products sold and key features), so we can strategise accordingly before designing a site that has more than one of these things going on at once to have an edge over your competitors!

Planning and Site-Mapping

With a plan to build your Ecommerce platform, our design team will work closely with you to develop a powerful Ecommerce presence. This includes the website’s navigation (sitemap), pages, and visitor user experience. We’ll also take into account whether international payment features are needed as well as discuss how best to position your content in a web-strategic way so it is conducive to SEO. 

Setting of Brand's Visual Identity

This stage of the project is all about establishing your brand’s visual identity. It ensures consistent brand identity, message or style – whatever the case may be – to achieve a successful design with anything that connects to your business like email signatures or a business card in your pocket.


If you don’t have one, let us craft an amazing one for you from scratch as a moodboard, which includes typography, colour palette, colour overlays and stunning product imagery – so that before jumping into managing an Ecommerce platform, you have an idea of what your website will look like ahead of time! See how our work appears on our portfolio of web designs!

Contract and Proposal

We offer a proposal including our sitemap, moodboard, quotation and contract at this stage. We will require either a 20% (for projects exceeding S$10K) or 50% deposit before we start on your website due to the vast amount of manpower and resources allocated for every single project right off the bat.

Gathering of Assets

We understand that a lot of work goes into launching an online store, which is why we are here to help you with your Ecommerce plan every step of the way. Gathering the appropriate assets from you is a step in this process before moving on to the next stage.


One of our tasks here will be to gather brand assets like logos, favicons, website information, opening hours, return & shipping policy – basically anything needed for your website.


We will also need product-related details such as photos and prices which may vary depending on variations of your product. It could either have one or many categories that are assigned to it for easy classification (e.g., clothing size, descriptions).

Writing of Content

Our Copywriting / Copyediting service is a concurrent stage of our web design and development process. While the designers are hard at work, we research, gather, plan out your content based on your sitemap and best SEO practices before we create it with you. Our copywriters will also work with you to style your brand voice for a professional tone that reflects who you are as a brand or individual.

Design of Website

Once you have your Visual Identity Guidelines and Sitemap confirmed with us, we’ll design your Ecommerce website with a wide range of powerful features. First, we’ll design the homepage for your approval, then work on designing the rest of the website. We’ll then add in the product images, product description, price variations, amendable shipping rates, and any other information for up to 10 of your products.


By the time we’re done, you’ll have an Ecommerce site on par with any popular Ecommerce platform around!

Testing and De-bugging

Just before your website is completed, we’ll ensure any bugs or glitches are found and fixed. Functions like communicating with the payment processor should work without problems. This is also a good time to clarify any issues or questions in one swoop.


Our developers will transfer the website from our staging server to your actual web server, in addition to updating domain settings so people can find it online easily!

Handover and Training

To avoid any delays, please make all outstanding payments for the website before handover and training. As part of our process, we’ll pass you your login information to your domain, web hosting and website platforms. You’ll also receive a bonus video tutorial made for you on how to use your website. Should you require more help, there will be an hour-long session with one of our trainers as well. We’ve made it simple so you can manage your website like a pro in minutes!

After Service

Congratulations on your new Ecommerce website! It’s time to grow a successful online business with this scalable platform. We hope you know we are here always ready to provide you with any support. You can call us or chat with a representative on our site’s live chat if an issue arises.


Need frequent patches and updates? Start with our website maintenance add-on as a separate service that covers your full needs.

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Our Ecommerce Web Design Service – Why Are We Better?

We Live & Breathe Ecommerce

Developing an Ecommerce website for your business might seem like an easy task, but at Dream Fox Design, we pay attention to your business and market to make sure the robust platform we develop for you puts your competitive edge within reach to get a higher customer score!

Designing with Your Sales in Mind

We pride ourselves on delivering remarkable Ecommerce websites and going the extra mile to make yours as powerful as possible. This means your stunning product imagery will be customised and we'll even take care of cart recovery functions. Naturally, our mobile-responsive and SEO-friendly design can house unlimited products. Our Ecommerce package also includes attractive web designs.

Fully Local & People-First

We're not a robotic Ecommerce website builder or online store builder. What we are is a team of human designers, Ecommerce web developers, product writers and marketers. Our in-house professionals are always ready to hear you out and provide direct consultations anytime!

No Vague Prices

We charge... no extra fees or mark-ups! Every cent is based on a specific feature or requirement you have, making us one of the greatest value-for-money web design companies around.

Prices & Packages – How Much Does It Cost?


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