The project this time was to create a one-page campaign-based microsite that was meant to draw attention to the client's event. Serving as an online box office for the event, it had to contain concise information about the event like timing and venue details, as well as exceptional user experience and prominent calls to action to seize attention. ☑ Interactive Image Motion Effect   ☑ Interactive Slider Custom Designed   ☑ Google Maps Integration


Beauty and The Box is a yearly exhibition dedicated to lovers of the colour pink. The concept this year is \”Ministry of Babes\” – featuring over 16 Instagram-worthy spaces decked out in colours and visuals following the theme of a woman\’s daily experiences. Spaces include fitness-themed rooms to supermarket sets. The journey is made visual and immersive in this event through interactive sets, and activities like story-telling and photo ops.


Beauty and The Box required their microsite to generate international traction and interest. Their event wasn’t as popular outside of Thailand in other countries, which also had target audiences. With just one short and simple page, the design had to be irresistible, with the CTA to register strategically highlighted across the page.


Key features Under our Simple, Affordable Web Design Package,
✔ Interactive Image Motion Effect on the hero banner

✔ Motion Effect of Subheaders moving towards the centre as user scrolls through page

✔ Interactive Slider Custom Designed to display venue and date across panels

✔ SEO Optimisation / SEO Tool which makes the website SEO-friendly and flexible for SEO updates
✔ Google Maps Integration for instant access to directions and routes to event
✔ User-Friendly CMS Customised for Client’s Website and Needs


To implement the right combination of colours for Beauty and The Box’s microsite, we had to take their requirements into consideration. They needed their web design to be bright and colourful, filled with strong depiction of flamboyant lifestyles and passion. It had to be artistically quirky to grab attention at a notice and bring out the mood of the event.


The moodboard brought together a flurry of colours that commanded attention as a whole. Orange and red represent energy and enthusiasm. Red introduced powerful elegance, while orange maintained friendliness. The neutral tints of grey and white space, by contrast, further sharpened the design. This would steer focus across the webpage, making user experience easy, clean and eye-catching.



Beautyandthebox web design event microsite full scroll

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