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Solidarity in Covid-19 & Circuit Breaker: 15 Services For Businesses, By Businesses

In times of Covid-19 and CB, government support may not be enough. We found 15 businesses providing valuable and rewarding points of support for other businesses! Here’s to solidarity in each other’s expertise and initiatives.
feature image covid19 covid-19 coronavirus cb circuitbreaker task collaboration apps circuit breaker support business businesses grants funds assistance solidarity promotion

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As part of our Bypass Covid-19 series, we want to promote a ‘For businesses, By businesses’ mutual support network through cross-featuring and promoting schemes and assistance by businesses and SMEs. Our aim is to keep businesses alive through Covid-19 and Circuit Breaker, in both public and private sectors. 


We’re featuring businesses and brands for free to help businesses that are struggling in the current economic decline, brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic and Circuit Breaker. Articles in our blog will be published to all our business and SME networks – totaling over 48,000 members. To join, simply comment ‘PM me’ on our FB post here.

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We're featuring businesses and brands for FREE! Our blog is published to our networks of over 48,000 members. Request a feature here.

We understand that government grants and funding may not be enough sometimes or that you may be ineligible due to circumstances. We hope that this will empower businesses and different industries to find more assistance and solidarity in each other.


This could come in the form of offering service incentives and promotions, while at the same time, engaging one another’s expertise.


Without further ado, let’s dive into it!

15 Points of Support For Businesses By Businesses


Cashflow Assistance


Curated Loans

Hong Leong Finance is well-known as “Singapore’s largest finance company”, with 28 branches and 12 SME Centres across the country. It has recorded over 50 years of exceptional financial services under its belt. Do show your support by checking out their LinkedIn!

It is offering government-assisted cashflow support for companies to overcome the impacts of Covid-19. More information here.



Temporary Bridging Programme

  • For locally registered SMEs and Non-SMEs that have a physical presence in Singapore, with a minimum of 30% local equity.

Enhanced EFS SME Working Capital Loan

  • For locally incorporated companies that have operations in Singapore and have a minimum of 30% local shareholding,
  • Yearly group sales revenue of up to S$100 million or group employment size of up to 200 staff.
  • Maximum Borrower Group revenue of up to S$500 million for all enterprises.

Enhanced EFS Trade Loan

  • For locally incorporated companies that have operations in Singapore and a minimum of 30% local shareholding.
  • Yearly group sales up to S$500 million.

Property Loan Principal Deferment

  • For locally incorporated SMEs.
  • For loan repayments that are up to 90 days overdue as at 6 April 2020.
  • No need to prove actual effects as a result of Covid-19.
  • Period of deferment will be up to 31 December 2020.
  • Thereafter, loan will be paid off in instalments.

How To Apply

  • Call +65 6579 6777.
  • You can also apply at the branches here.

Task Collaboration


Free Apps

With almost 7,000 employees internationally, Zoho prides itself on producing aesthetically pleasing software to solve business issues and complications. Do show your support by checking out their Facebook and Instagram!

The suite of web and mobile apps Zoho is offering for free goes by the name Zoho Remotely. It allows business meetings and any form of communication to be conducted seamlessly online. You can manage multiple channels and conversations,  join conference calls, share files, convert chat messages into actual tasks, etc. 


The suite also contains tools for scheduling meetings through different time zones and designing online courses. A key feature is the ability to remotely launch, track, assign and prioritise projects. With connections to live customer and employee enquiries, you can easily share helpful files to resolve issues. 


Its augmented technology aspect also presents a new dimension of communication. More information here.



All businesses.


When To Apply

Zoho Remotely will be free until 1 July 2020, so the best time to apply is now to enjoy the benefits.


How To Apply

Fill in the form here.


Free Business Plan

Asana’s goal is to bring teams to collaborate in a way that is as effortless and fruitful as possible. Its platform is designed to organise every detail, big or small, in a way that they can all be easily managed and understood. Do show your support by checking out their Facebook and Instagram!

In support of non-profit organisations in Covid-19 medical and disaster frontlines, Asana is giving away a free year of subscription to Asana Business to organisations with a new or existing Asana Basic account.


The business account includes features such as project timeline monitoring, overall view of your team’s bandwidth, commenting on images and PDF for task management, work requests and approvals, custom and automated management of tasks and roles, sales cycle automation, etc.


More information here.



  • Organisations with a new or existing Asana Basic account.
  • Non-profit organisations on the frontlines of Covid-19 medical research and testing.
  • Non-profit organisation involved in Covid-19 disaster response situations.

How To Apply

Simply fill up this form here.


Free Premium

Zippi is a product of PeopleStrong, a company that develops digital tools for businesses to collaborate within themselves in easy, connected and innovative ways – towards the goal of business growth. Their focus is enabling team accountability, productivity, alignment and collaboration as a way to grow and profit. 


Do show your support by checking out their Facebook and Instagram!

There is no limit on using Zippi for any number of staff. This tool lets you collaborate and manage trackable tasks with one another. Employees can also directly communicate and align KPIs within the task framework on the tool.


Zippi also comes with an AI chatbot that prompts you on good hygiene habits and productivity, including scheduling your appointments for you. Polls can also be conducted securely within your organisation.


More information here.



All businesses. 


When To Apply

Free use of Zippi for businesses will only last for 3 months or until the economy resumes a normal level of function, so it’s best to apply now to enjoy the benefits as long as possible.


How To Apply

Just fill in the form here.




Virtual Activities

Teambuilding Labs is a company that aims to increase the level of teambuilding activities by tapping on university CCAs and experienced vendors for a cost-saving team experience. This also allows you to network and engage with other participating companies. Do show your support by checking out their Facebook and Instagram!

These activities are designed for your entire team to engage each other and develop new dynamics and relationships even while working from home. The activities are focused on team cohesiveness, from ice-breakers to open sharing sessions. 


Video conferencing and time management of activities will be planned for you in the span of an hour. 


Discount of S$22 per pax. U.P. S$45. More information here.



  • All businesses.
  • Up to 16 participants In a Single Session.

When To Apply

  • Limited-Time Discount, so it’d be best to apply now!

How To Apply

Simply fill in the form here!




Free Solutions

Horangi’s goal is to empower its customers to make technological innovations with a peace of mind. Its cybersecurity is an integrated platform that protects organisations using cutting-edge, company-secured cloud technology. 


Based in Singapore, it is a CREST certified company housing worldwide experts in cybersecurity, and approved by companies like Gojek, PropertyGuru and MoneySmart. Do show your support by checking out their Facebook and LinkedIn!

According to the company, Global phishing has soared to 667% since February, when news of the novel coronavirus first started.


They are offering free cybersecurity solutions with training to companies. This includes their 6-month free Trainer Software and a video training session by one of their cybersecurity veterans who will teach companies how to work from home safely. 


More information here.



All businesses.


How To Apply

Just fill in the form here.




Digital Branding

And of course, there’s our very own business. Dream Fox Design is a digital branding boutique specialising in web design and Singapore’s first fully customisable digital name cards. We design websites from straightforward informational websites to eCommerce websites – all with premium features at the most cost-effective prices. 


Do show your support by checking out our Facebook and Instagram!

Dream Fox Design is giving up to S$1,500 or 30% off our most popular business digitalisation services, depending on which is lower based on the cost price of the service taken up. We are offering discounts on all our E-Commerce and Digital Name Card packages to help you operate digitally and remotely. 


All-in-One E-Commerce Website

Our features include easy inventory management, automated SEO for each product, social media optimisation for anyone to share your products, smart customised product filters for customers to find products quickly and easily! We even offer cart recovery capabilities, analytics  and coupon functions! 


All automated for increased sales, complete with secure checkout and payment processes. More information here.


Custom Digital Name Cards

Skip handshakes and meetings. Just send your entire portfolio in one digital card to anyone in a tap. This is probably the only type of product in existence that lets your online presence spread without SEO, because the only way to reach customers with your digital name cards is to send a link to them directly.


It can be fully customised according to your brand style guide and brand library. Your entire portfolio is there for your leads to see, including testimonials, achievements, services that you couldn’t add onto your paper name card before. More information here.



All businesses.


When To Apply

The promotion ends after the month of May, so it’s best for you to apply now!


How To Apply

Sign up here and key in the promo code COVID19DNC for $1500/30% off Digital Name Cards or COVID19ECOM for $1500/30% off E-Commerce Websites.


Digital Tracking


Visitor Monitoring

Wylcome is a creation of globalSign.in, which officially hosted the DPRK-USA Singapore Summit. As an industrial leader in event technology for global events, the company tapped on its experience to create technologies based on visitor experiences and Covid-19 policies for Singapore businesses to find visitor management solutions.


Do show your support by checking out their Facebook and LinkedIn!

Visitor Management and Notification

This feature of Wylcome includes digital forms for health screenings, and at the same time, it is designed for seamless and touchless visitor experiences via SingPass Mobile. 


This allows businesses to monitor visitor logs during visits and keep up with live reports from all premises. Visitors can sign in by entering their particulars and receive their badges without any need to queue or touching any device except their own. 

Its plans go from US$80 / month. More information here


Temperature Monitoring

This tool was created in-line with mandatory temperature check-in routines for employees. It comes with automatic geotagging for contact tracing, live employee digital record updates and notifications when a high temperature is detected. Free of charge. More information here.



All businesses.


How To Apply

Choose your plan and sign up here.


Workforce Management


Job Portal

MarColl, short for Martian Collective, is an online marketplace that is powered by a community that aims to empower, aspire and inspire marketing creatives, agencies, talent, businesses and experts. The marketplace specialises in education, software, employment and events that it gears towards like-minded audiences and the professional community.


Do show your support by checking out their Facebook and LinkedIn!

Referring to its job portal as a ‘Job Board’, Marcoll recently launched this initiative to match employers with digital marketing talents easily and quickly. With Covid-19, the need for digital marketing is stronger for companies and brands – underscoring the importance of fresh ideas, new outreach platforms and digital marketing literacy. 

MarColl’s job board has a user-friendly and value-driven interface. The latest key information about employers and employees are fleshed out at a glance. It’s easy, satisfying and quick to make an account and understand how to navigate the website. Opportunities include full-time, part-time, or freelance preferences. And it’s free to use.


More information here.



All businesses and talent.


How To Apply

Just start searching here.


Discounted App

QuickHR was created and designed by Enable Business – established in 2013. The company provides solutions for advanced digital HR requirements and industry-exclusive software. This software is hosted on Amazon Web Services, which hosts more than 40% of cloud services in the world, such as Singapore’s GovTech.


An integrated HR software in Singapore, QuickHR comprises multi-layer encryption compliant with Singapore’s PDPA standards. Its focus on digitalising HR tasks gives its users more time to spend on onboarding, hiring, talent retention and developing a sophisticated and captivating company culture.


Do show your support by checking out their Facebook and LinkedIn!

Features of their app includes remote flexibility for employees to clock in and out on their mobiles from anywhere. Schedules and employee rosters can be easily customised with its Timesheet Module, and account for overtime and shift changes.


With an inbuilt GPS function, employers can track live information about where an employee is and what time they are at a certain place. All these can be generated on timesheet and payroll records seamlessly. From a discount of $1 a month per employee. U.P. $5.


More information here.



All businesses.


How To Apply

Simply fill up and submit the form here.


Sales and Marketing


Integrated Marketing

HubSpot is a world-renowned platform that brings community, software and education together for businesses to thrive. HubSpot is based on ‘inbound’ marketing – genuinely helping consumers via services and products – not harassing them and upselling aggressively.


HubSpot specialises in sophisticated marketing tools, including sales, customer service, CRM, marketing, and other aspects of proven and sophisticated customer touchpoints. Do show your support by checking out their Facebook and LinkedIn!

Discounted Software

The price of HubSpot’s Starter Growth Suite has been reduced by more than 50% – from US$112.50 to just US$50 per month. In addition, from the date you sign up for this offer, you are entitled to 12 months of access to discounted software for marketing, sales and other services.


More information here



Businesses with current or new Starter Growth Suite.


How To Apply

Buy it here.


Free Tools

HubSpot is making its premium tools free for 90 days after activation. They include:

  • Meetings – a link can be shared for clients to see your schedule and book a virtual appointment.
  • Quotes and E-Sign – creating and sharing proposals online and obtaining digital signatures for quotes.
  • 1:1 Video – creating and sharing videos tailored to clients from HubSpot CRM and monitoring their response.

More information here.



Businesses with an account with HubSpot.


How To Apply

Sign up here.


Removing Limits

HubSpot is lifting its limits on marketing email – allowing you to send an unlimited amount of emails. It is also increasing the cap of calling to 2,000 minutes per month.


More information here.



  • Marketing Email Upgrade: Businesses with Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise accounts. 
  • Calling Limits Increase: Businesses that are Starter and Professional customers of Sales Hub and Service Hub.

When to Apply

The best time is now, because the limits will only be removed only for 90 days.


How To Apply

Sign up here.


Free Accounts

MailChimp is popular all around the world as a choice marketing platform for small businesses. It has millions of users subscribed to its digital services and smart marketing tools. Acclaimed for its customer support service, MailChimp was founded in 2001 and is based in Atlanta with offices in Brooklyn, Oakland and Vancouver. 


Do show your support by checking out their Facebook and LinkedIn!

MailChimp is providing free Standard accounts to public service organisations delivering important public health information regarding Covid-19. Public service organisations may be governments, healthcare institutions, schools, and non-profit organisations. 


Users who already have a Standard account and qualify will not be charged. Those with Free or Essential plans will be automatically upgraded to a Standard plan and enjoy the same benefits. More information here.



  • Organisations with an account with MailChimp.
  • Organisations with up to 10,000 contacts.
  • Organisations delivering critical information about the Covid-19 crisis, including details about schedules, protocols, laws, directives, relief assistance, and emergency updates to the public.
  • National media and news organisations, as well as tertiary institutions, non-profit organisations not directly participating in relief efforts, are not eligible.

When To Apply

The offer is valid all the way until the 30 June 2020, so eligible organisations should apply as soon as possible.


How To Apply

Contact MailChimp at [email protected].


Lead Generation

Leadflare specialises in automatic lead generation. Its services include automating searching based on your target audiences to give you the customers you want. It makes use of multiple channels and sources, as well as machine intelligence to find emails, expand outreach and conduct statistical tests online, to generate leads.

Do show your support by checking out their Facebook and LinkedIn!

Offering a 50% discount because of the Covid-19 crisis, they promise to put everything in place for you within an efficient 2 minutes. 


Once you answer a questionnaire, they’ll send a proposal tailored to your needs. After you approve it, they will send leads to you whenever they find a lead. The budget you spent is similar to how social media optimises ads, whereby your budget is focused on the best lead opportunities. Cost starts from $30.


More information here.


How To Apply

Simply fill up and submit the questionnaire here and key in the discount code ‘LF50’ for a 50% discount.


Cloud Accounting


Free Software

As one of the first cloud accountants Singapore to pioneer online incorporation services, EBOS also offers E-Signatory and accounting services to Singapore and international companies to meet the compliance standards and regulations of local governing authorities such as ACRA and IRAS.


Their cloud accountants are also professional trainers with SMECEN, Financios and Quickbooks and KYC Due Diligence. Do show your support by checking out their Facebook and Instagram!

EBOS supports SMEs through offering a 12-month free cloud accounting software with onboarding assistance from its cloud accountants. Their goal is to minimise business disruption caused by the outbreak of Covid-19 as a token of appreciation to their partners and customers.


More information here.



Free for the first 100 SMEs, so it’s best to apply while the offer may be ongoing.


How To Apply

Fill up and submit the form here.


Legal Aid


Covid-19 Services

Advomi strives to provide a simpler and value-added approach to legal services in a transparent and friendly way. It specialises in legal support for founders and business executives including company registration, trademarking and patenting services, as well as FinTech and blockchain legal services.


Do show your support by checking out their Facebook and Instagram!

Tailored specifically to legal implications and difficulties due to Covid-19, Advomi is offering legal services and consultations to businesses. Its services include debt management, receivables, employee agreements and dismissal, and contract fulfilment due to leases and sales terms, etc.


It is also providing assistance for the job scheme initiated by the Singapore government, which entitles businesses to a cap of 75% gross monthly salary per local employee. In addition, Advomi also has measures in place to support particular sectors in Singapore. A flat fee is charged if you engage this set of legal solutions.


More information here.



All businesses.


How To Apply

Fill up and submit the form here.



Please note that all the information on this page was acquired individually by the author at the time of preparing this article. We reserve the right to change and/or update the information in this article at any time without notice. The opinion(s) of the author may not be representative or indicative of the businesses and brands mentioned herein. This article neither reflects Dream Fox Design’s endorsement nor recommendation of these businesses. We take no responsibility or liability if you find information changed, removed or denied by the respective businesses. The onus is on you to verify and fact-check our information for the best results, and exercise due diligence in your engagements with any business.

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