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Digital Name Cards: 8 Reasons Why Singapore Businesses Are Getting Them Now

Major businesses such as OCBC and government organisations are taking up digital name cards. Face-to-face meetings are declining and the demand for virtual engagements is soaring with businesses quickly transforming to avoid closure. For any business, this must-read new way of life is here to stay and protect your business from future uncertainties.
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Visualise this: You just bumped into a prospective client at a networking event and they seem like the perfect opportunity to land a successful deal to redeem yourself from the disappointment of the previous month. You’re putting in all your effort into charming this client and are even dropping compliments. Before you part ways you tell them, “Here’s my name card. Call me if you need anything”, and hand them your 9 x 5.5cm physical business card.


You think you’ve killed the game and it’s going to be an amazing month only for the client to stuff your name card into their wallet together with the already accumulating pile of crumpled cards. You’re screwed, they are never calling you back.


In our digital age, physical name cards just don’t do the trick. Don’t get us wrong, it’s always important to be able to share your contact details anytime, anywhere to network with others but it’s time to ditch the paper stacks and get on the digital name card bandwagon.


What Are Digital Business Cards?

Forget paper cards and imagine all your contact details, social media accounts and more accessible in just a single link on your mobile phone. Our digital name cards are just like an ‘About Me’ page that can be shared with one another and viewed on a web browser. If someone asks for your contact details, you can charismatically say, “Sure, here’s my link”.


A virtual business card is your modern-day word of mouth tool that an entrepreneur or a Singapore business can benefit from. No matter the industry, digital name cards can cater to anyone. Here are some features that make an online business card superior.


Completely Customisable

Digital business cards have limitless possibilities when it comes to customisation. No matter your personality or branding, you will be able to choose the colours and layouts that you want to add to your name card. We’re not plain or boring, so we definitely do not believe in cut and paste digital name card templates. Try them out here!


We have a trusty in-house designer available to understand your true identity and showcase it in a showstopping online name card. And listen to this, you can even add in personal photos and introductory video content! Physical name cards? What are those anymore?


Share Function

Electronic business cards are all about sharing them with others. Having it on a digital device allows you to share it with anyone without the hassle of downloading a specific app just to view or send your contact details.


All you have to do is open it up through your regular browser like Safari or Google Chrome. You can connect with others by embedding your link on social media platforms or even through WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.


QR Codes

Take it to the next level of shareability by generating a QR code for your virtual business card! A digital name card QR code is especially helpful if you’re in a video call and need to share your contact details. Just add your QR code onto your virtual background and voila, anyone can use their phone cameras as a business card scanner to access your details.

A silver lining in pandemic times, you can rest assured almost everyone knows how to scan a QR code now. We also recommend sticking your QR code into your email signature or marketing collateral to look extra professional.


Save Button

Afraid that a prospective client may not save your number? Never again! Electronic business cards improve contact management with an added save button on all your contact details so that your viewers can add your mobile number or email straight into their address book. A physical name card may get lost, but a digital one will always be at your fingertips at the tap of a button.



Even if your viewers don’t save your contact into their phones, reaching you has never been easier. With actionable buttons or quicklinks on all of your contact details, viewers can make a call, send an email or WhatsApp message directly from your card with just a single tap.


Directing Clients to Your Office

Our Google Maps integration feature is especially beneficial for Singapore businesses with a physical address. You can embed your address into your digital name card and clients will automatically be rerouted to Google Maps or even Waze, allowing them to find your office or store easily without the hassle of typing your address into the apps.


No Space Limits

Gone are the days when you only needed your phone number and email address on your name card. We now have so much more to share like our social media links and even a portfolio page. Our digital name card designs don’t limit you to a tiny rectangle. You can easily add or delete new information or even include an FAQ page about your business. Space constriction is an issue of the past, which we’re so glad we don’t have to bother about anymore!


Why Should Your Company Get a Digital Name Card?

If you’re still not convinced that having a digital name card in Singapore can benefit your brand and business, look no further.


Digitally Storable and Accessible

Imagine printing 500 copies of your name card only to realise that your job title of Business Analyst was misspelt as Business Analsyst. Oh, the nightmare! Moreover, a company or business may want to update their contact details or even do a complete rebrand, which would require extra cash to reprint.


Over time, physical name cards are bound to burn a hole in your pocket but a digital name card could never stoop to that level. An electronic alternative allows for immediate changes to be effected within minutes without the exorbitant printing cost.



If you aren’t already saving the planet with metal straws and recyclable grocery bags, it’s about time to get started with virtual cards. With the paper industry dying as the digital age is taking over, physical name cards are going to be obsolete and will be thrown out and forgotten.


Did you know 40-50 billion paper business cards end up in landfills every year? Seems like a high price to pay for a piece of paper that can’t even feature your aesthetic Instagram feed.


Pandemic-Friendly Network

Unfortunately, with the constant fluctuations in restrictions and social gatherings, the COVID-19 pandemic has left us with minimal physical contact and more socially distant than ever. We can forget the good old days of social networking sessions and large events. Most people even prefer to have a simple one-on-one meeting online because leaving the house seems like such a chore nowadays.


Virtual events are our future and we need an identity card that’s on par with our progressive world. With a digital name card, it’s time to look further than just local partners, you can even reach people across oceans and seas.



Just think about our contactless world. We’ve gone cashless, we pay our groceries using our e-wallets and are tapping into MRT stations with our mobile train cards. Our world, lifestyle and routine now reside in our tiny mobile devices.


No one is going to keep paper business cards in their wallets anymore (if they even have one). With our entire lives revolving around the digital sphere, we must continue to remain connected in new and updated ways. Digital business cards can help with that!



With the digital age, come pesky hackers who can be a threat to any information put online. Luckily for you, our virtual cards come with web security protection from Cloudflare, which also allows access to your name card globally. As a protective barrier to your electronic name card, Cloudflare includes several layers of security protocols and firewalls to ensure online attackers can’t retrieve your personal information.


You can also enjoy a peace of mind as we implement 2 Factor Authentication processes to double up on security measures guarding our backend systems that hold your data. The only people that will be attacking your online business card will be potential clients blowing up your phone to schedule a business meeting.



There’s no heartbreak more painful than seeing your printed name card get crushed, torn and thrown away. Given our technological climate, this is a sad reality for many paper business cards (rest in peace). If you want to make your mark and stand the test of time, you have to move in the digital direction of virtual cards.


You can send your name cards to anyone in the world any time as many times as you want with no limits. It also allows recipients to access and store your information on their devices immediately, making sure you both expand and leave your digital footprint for posterity.


Seamless Branding with Online Business

Everyone knows branding is very important when it comes to proving your professionalism as a trustworthy company. An established electronic name card agency (that’s us!) is able to utilise our web design and development resources to design your name card with a consistent theme, colours and overall identity to ensure that your brand stands out illustriously.

Using your digital assets and winning formulas you’ve used to design your other online platforms, we can easily build a digital name card for your business as a two-way cross-platform engagement to your site(s)!


Strategic Marketing for Brick-And-Mortar Businesses

Don’t have a website or online presence yet? Yup, life’s even tougher out there for brick-and-mortar businesses during a global pandemic. But fret not! If you have a depleting customer base you want to win back, digital business cards mark the start of your online rebound now. Our name cards can also embed navigation features to direct users to Google Maps or Waze to find your physical address, increasing the footfalls to your office or store!

It goes without saying, but a key tip for physical businesses and venues is to leverage digital tools to market your brand and pull in clients and customers. With a large percentage of your target audience using digital platforms for work or in their everyday lives, it is important to ensure your brand is dominating the digital game no matter how you’re kickstarting an online presence.


How Do You Share Around Your Digital Name Card?

So now that you’ve heard all the great things an online business card can do for you, how exactly do you use and share your card? Our digital name cards are designed to be user-friendly and increase shareability especially since it does not require digital business card apps!


Our name cards are completely accessible through your regular online browser because let’s be honest, no one is going to download an app just to view your details. For the cherry on top, here are the simple and straightforward ways you can share your name card with anyone and everyone!


Copy & Paste URL

The easiest way to share your name card is to drop your link into any of your social media channels or messaging platforms like Whatsapp, Telegram or Messenger. You can do so by pasting your URL directly onto these sites or the respective platforms. Alternatively, tapping the share button on your card can add your link to any of your social or messaging channels.


QR Code

All our digital business cards come with a personalised QR code for viewers to scan. These QR codes are available on the name card itself, allowing your recipients to scan the code using their cameras online or in person.


Protip: You can also stick your digital name card QR code into your email signature or marketing collateral for prospective clients to view when they receive an email from you. That’s what we do too! Send us an enquiry if you don’t believe it.


How Users Can Save Your Contact

The most important part about a name card is ensuring that your prospective clients are saving your details into their personal mobile devices to increase the possibility of them contacting you.


We make sure to increase these chances by adding a ‘save button’ to all of our name cards. This allows viewers to immediately download all of your information such as your mobile number and email address into their mobile contact list.


How to Access Your Business Card Easily

How awkward is it if a client asks for your name card and you take 5 minutes fumbling about your phone, desperately looking for your URL link? We’re getting second-hand embarrassment thinking about it so we’ve come up with the perfect solution.


Our virtual name cards allow you to save them onto your phone’s home screen using the share button on your browser. This way, your name card is saved right beside TikTok or your favourite app so you can never misplace it. Another way is to bookmark your URL link onto your browser (Safari, Google Chrome, etc.) for quick access.


Digital Name Cards Future-Proof Your Business

Not to toot our own horns but we set ourselves apart by providing one of the best, if not the best, digital name cards in Singapore. As pioneers of Singapore’s most customisable digital name cards, we have spent time understanding our market and target audience to create a digital name card that is purely browser-based without the need for a digital business card platform application, while also ensuring that businesses get a customised design service instead of fixed templates.


Our electronic name cards undoubtedly boast more interactive functions than your average e-card with various shareability and engagement options. Whether it’s for a solo entrepreneurial venture or a corporate bundle, we’ll be able to provide a personalised quote for you to secure the digital future.

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