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2020 Statistics About Website Design You Need to Know Now

Times are changing. 2020 statistics prove that you can lose the majority of your customers from just bad website design. In the face of rapid digital consumption, your website works as your brand. The cost of losing customers outweighs the cost of a well designed website.

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A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Work With Web Designers For The Best Website

This article lists 7 steps explaining how web designers typically develop a website, and how you can get involved in each stage. This includes goal setting and discussion, research and planning, visual moodboards, actual website design, content writing, testing, and launching your site! Don’t worry, there’s follow-up services too!

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3 Reasons Working Closely With Web Designers Gets You A Website That Profits

Successful websites are a result of close collaborations between you and your web designer. Working closely with us maximises the quality of your site by helping us to capture your brand and requirements. Here are 3 reasons why this creates a website that brings in sales and conversion.

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Blog Like A Pro! Create and Manage Your Blog Post – Video Tutorial

Whether it’s for driving traffic to your website or creating relevant content for your customers, a blog is an essential part of any website. Let’s find out how you can create a blog post when you’ve taken up a web design service with Dream Fox Design!

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5 Strategies to Impact User Experience Through Your Website

Our online experiences may be limited, but there are so many ways we can affect direct user experience with digital design – such as by sight, hearing, the way the mouse is moved, and how people understand content, or even all of the above. How can we influence our users’ experiences through web design?

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2020 Viral Web Design Trends Incoming

By being aware of the design trends that emerge and become popular, we can understand why they matter and why they are so effective for businesses. From art style and content to user experiences, what are the latest web design trends this year?

Web Design

3 Tips To Instantly Boost Your Next Web Design Project

Recent statistics prove that you can lose the majority of your customers just from bad web design alone. We give 3 tips on how to get a professional and effective WordPress website that is simple to use and clear in design.

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