Circuit Breaker’s Ending! 8 Awesome Businesses To Check Out If You’re Singaporean Enough

Circuit Breaker’s ending soon. No one’s sure what’s safe but we Singaporeans still crave great deals for food, insurance and other things to get besides groceries! Here are 8 awesome businesses we found for you!
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As part of our Bypass Covid-19 series, we want to promote the best and most awesome businesses and services we can find for you, for everyone to safely enjoy with their friends and family. 


Circuit Breaker is ending. Businesses are starting to open up again gradually. While measures are already being lifted, we’re still fearful of what to expect and if the Covid-19 pandemic is truly subsiding. Businesses and brands will continue to keep an eye out for new circumstances and maintain caution as Circuit Breaker ends.  


We’re featuring businesses and brands for free to help businesses that are struggling in the current economic decline, brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic and Circuit Breaker. Articles in our blog will be published to all our business and SME networks – totaling over 48,000 members. To join, simply comment ‘PM me’ on our FB post here.

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We're featuring businesses and brands for FREE! Our blog is published to our networks of over 48,000 members. Request a feature here.

While safe distancing, contactless services and wearing of masks will still definitely be in place, there’s no reason not to support your favourite local businesses and check out some very useful services to start off with! Satisfy your shopping tendences with these 8 awesome businesses and services we’ve scoped out!

8 Awesome Services and Maybe Freebies To Catch Before Circuit Breaker Ends




70% Sales

DFS is a global leader in luxury travel retail. Its iconic store at Changi airport is a familiar sight for travellers coming to and fro, as a part of their cultural and layover experience in Singapore. Establishing its headquarters in 1960 in Hong Kong, DFS now boasts over 700 brands of wines and spirits for purchase.


Do check out DFS @ Singapore Changi Airport on Facebook and Instagram!

Due to Covid-19, retailers like DFS have seen a plunge in customers. After 35 years of operations at Changi Airport, the wine and spirits store, which has always been a staple experience for passengers, is holding a farewell sale until 31 May 2020 to celebrate the end of its tenure. 


With a grand discount of up to 70% on their tax (GST) and duty-free wines and spirits, customers can now take advantage of the exclusive price cuts to buy its new and vintage alcohol collection. 


To save customers the inconvenience of travel in this pandemic, more than 200 alcoholic goods will be on sale on DFS Changi Airport’s online store,


Included in its sales offers are a uniquely exceptional selection of more than 14 limited edition wines and spirits, as well as beer brands such as Somersby, Tiger and Calsberg. Flash sales will also be launched at 9pm every day while stocks last.


Free delivery will be given to customers who make a purchase of at least $150, reduced from the previous amount of $250. However, this will only be from 16 May to 22 May 2020.


Products on sale include:

  • Choya Gold Edition 0.50L
  • Paulaner Hefe Weissbier Dunkel 20 bottles
  • Tiger Beer Crystal 24 bottles
  • Carlsberg Smooth Draught 24 bottles
  • Somersby Sparkling Rose 24 bottles

Find out more here


How Long It Takes To Deliver

DFS will require 3 to 5 working days to make a delivery, which excludes Sundays and Public Holidays. Urgent orders or those with specific delivery timings will have to pay an additional S$30 to S$60.


When To Buy

As soon as possible, because this farewell sale will only last until 31 May 2020. Free deliveries will end on 22 May 2020.


How To Buy

Start making your purchase here.


Quirky tees


47% Off

The Fifty Company (T50C) is a brand that aims to build more positivity in society through business and social impact. One of the main ways it does this is by channelling 50% of their net profits to their consumers’ chosen social cause to support – from nonprofit organisations to persons in need.


Do check out T50C on Facebook and Instagram!

It is launching an exclusive discount campaign, all the way to 47%, on their 91-DIVOC Collection. Just like its quirky inverted name suggests, the shirts are based on expressions which have become popular among people during the Covid-19 outbreak, such as “Don’t touch your face!” or the Singlish editions like “No boba will die one”.


For 1 T-shirt, you’ll not only pay S$29 instead of the usual S$49.50, but half of what you pay will go to your chosen social cause.


The tees were designed to counter the negativity which erupted with Covid-19. T50C created these shirts as a demonstration of their faith in love and human positivity. 91-DIVOC has become a lighthearted collection meant to be worn daily as positive comic relief among communities, during trying times.


What else you get when you buy a T-shirt:

  • Your cause will be embroidered on your shirt
  • You’ll receive a Thank You note and bonus stickers to celebrate your patronage

Find out more here.


How Long It Takes to Deliver
Date of delivery is estimated to be up to June 2020, depending on order.


When To Order
You should probably order right now because there’s only 3 days left until the campaign ends!


How To Order
Start ordering here.




Hawker Food

WhyQ is an online food delivery service that is focused on bringing hawker food to its customers to satisfy local cravings at a convenient, quick and affordable rate – whether orders are from home, work, or anywhere from Singapore. WhyQ works with hundreds of hawker centres and stalls islandwide to make this an entirely possible event.


Do check out WhyQ on Facebook and Instagram!

WhyQ is offering a promo on the first two orders, giving a discount of $2.50 each. With various other promo codes, customers may be entitled to a 15% discount depending on the credit and debit cards used for payment.


They also take pride in having the cheapest delivery charges at $1.50 for an order, which goes even lower for bigger orders. Its low-cost delivery automatically applies to all orders without a minimum order for selected areas.


A great thing about WhyQ’s website is that you can participate in gifting meals to workers in the healthcare industry. Their initiative allows customers to sponsor a meal at S$4 a meal without delivery charges and additional fees. The website also has an Encouragement Wall with positive messages to healthcare workers.


As far as user experience goes, this website gives a fun, creative and interactive experience with its simple interface and fun prompts. Its localised captions such as  “Confirm Shiok” also adds a touch of personal sincerity to it. 


Find out more here.


How Long It Takes to Deliver

The company offers same-day delivery and deliveries that can be scheduled a day in advance.


How To Order

Key in your postal code here and start ordering!

To get the promo code for your first two orders, key in FIRST5 in the proper fields when prompted. For a look at the rest of their promos, they are all displayed on their promotion page.


Slashed Prices

The OLAdeal app collates great deals for food and drinks around Singapore, including bubble tea and fast food. The app allows users to actively find, create, share and redeem exclusive promos and discounts throughout the year, with free and discounted meals every day. Find out more here.


Do check out the OLAdeal app on Facebook and Instagram!

The latest feature in the app is a price slashing function that lets users slash a small portion off the original price of a meal or drink. The user can then share this with friends and family to further slash or split the price, reducing it to a much smaller chunk that has to be paid.


If enough people slash the price, the product can be bought at a larger-than-usual discount or even for free when there is nothing left to slash. In effect, sharing gets the user more savings. All that’s left to do is to redeem the product at their respective locations.


The app can be downloaded and installed here.


How To Redeem

Just go on the app, find something you want to eat or drink, then hit the ‘Slash Now’ button to begin! Redeem at the store’s location by tapping on ‘Redeem Deal At’.


GrabFood Promo

CIMB Group is a global leader in the ASEAN banking industry and Islamic finance, as well as a prominent corporate advisor within the region. With its headquarters based in Kuala Lumpur it offers a variety of banking solutions in investment banking, asset management, commercial banking and Islamic banking.


Do check out CIMB Singapore on Facebook and Instagram!

CIMB credit cards are now eligible for GrabFood promo codes that offer a limit of S$10 in savings, when you get your food delivered to you. Each cardholder is entitled to 2 redemptions using this GrabFood promo code. Unfortunately, the Grab Transport promo code via CIMB credit cards has been fully redeemed.


Find out more here.


When To Redeem

Right now, since this promotion is based on a first-come-first served basis, with a cap of 4,780 customers. It is also closing on 31 May 2020.



  • Sign up as a CIMB credit cardholder here.
  • Download the Grab app to be a user here.

How To Redeem

  • On the Grab app, go to your GrabPay Wallet and register your CIMB credit card as a linked payment method.
  • Book GrabFood, key in your pick-up and drop-off venues, and tap on ‘Promo’. 
  • Enter CIMBFD for a S$5 price reduction. Ensure your CIMB credit card is selected for payment and confirm your order or ride.



Covid-19 Insurance

Singapore’s sole insurance cooperative and top composite insurer, NTUC Income was set up in 1970 to provide essential and accessible insurance to our country’s citizens. It offers insurance policies including general, health and life insurance. It aims to support Singaporeans’ savings, investments and protection across their lives and interests.


Do check out NTUC Income on Facebook!

With the onset of Covid-19 and uncertainty of the struggles that lie ahead, NTUC Income has devised and tailored insurance policies to provide adequate coverage against the pandemic. 


The policies and eligibility criteria are listed below in a straightforward and simple manner that isn’t meant to be exhaustive, but intended to help you better understand and direct you to the coverage you can get to be secured against Covid-19. 


Do note that eligibility may vary from situation to situation, and the best way to understand how to apply for the insurance policies is to visit their website here.




Health Insurance for Cases Related to Covid-19

  • IncomeShield and IncomeShield Riders:
    Provides coverage for hospitalisation benefits. This claim is not applicable for those who are abroad from 27 March 2020 onwards and are admitted for Covid-19 suspicions within a 14-day period after coming back to Singapore.

  • ElderShield and Supplements:
    Provides coverage for severe disability benefits.

  • Hospital Care Insurance:
    Provides coverage for payout every day for hospitalisation and ICU stay. This includes reimbursements for outpatient surgery (no need for overnight stay) and charges arising from ambulance services.

Find out more here.

How To Apply

Reach out to your Income adviser or contact NTUC Income by calling them, visiting a branch or sending an enquiry.

Life Insurance for Cases Related to Covid-19

  • Whole & Term Life Insurance Plans, Savings Plans and Investment-linked Plans:
    Provides coverage for loss of life, total and permanent disability, as well as terminal illness (TI) benefits. Find out more here.

How To Apply

Reach out to your Income adviser or contact NTUC Income by calling them, visiting a branch or sending an enquiry.


Dread Disease & Cancer-Related Insurance for Cases Related to Covid-19

  • Advanced Assure Accelerator Rider:
    Provides coverage for Major Impact Benefit, in the event of a 5-day stay or more in ICU in a single hospital admission from infection or surgery.

  • Dread Diseases and Cancer Related Plans/Riders:
    No coverage for critical illness and cancer benefits. Coverage may be applicable to the final stage of lung disease arising from effects of Covid-19, if the diagnosis is aligned with the insured’s policy contract with NTUC Income.

Find out more here.


How To Apply

Reach out to your Income adviser or contact NTUC Income by calling them, visiting a branch or sending an enquiry.

Enhanced Personal Accident Coverage for COVID-19

NTUC Income’s PA Assurance plans alongside its Infectious Disease coverage have been strengthened to be stacked without additional premium. Customers under these plans will enjoy benefits related to Covid-19 up to 31 August 2020.

  • Accidental Death:
    A lump sum of a maximum of S$10,000 will be paid out if the insured is diagnosed with Covid-19 or dies as a result in a period of 12 months from the Covid-19 diagnosis.

  • Daily Hospital Income:
    A cash benefit of a maximum of S$100 per day over 30 days is paid out for each day the insured is hospitalised overnight as a result of Covid-19.

To be eligible for these two benefits, the insured has to be diagnosed with Covid-19 and be a patient in Singapore’s hospitals. Only PA Assurance policyholders who have not been diagnosed with Covid-19 can apply for the inclusion of the Infectious Disease coverage.

Find out more here

How To Apply

Reach out to your Income adviser or call 6788 1111, visit a branch, or send an enquiry here.

Travel Insurance

  • Travel Insurance:
    Any policy bought after 4 March 2020, 9am to any destination will not be provided coverage or benefits for Covid-19 related claims.

  • Overseas Student Protection Plan:
    There will be no coverage or benefits for Covid-19 related claims for now. Period.

Find out more here


How To Apply

Reach out to an Income adviser or contact NTUC Income by calling them here. You can also visit an operating branch, or send an enquiry here.


Domestic Helper Insurance for Cases Related to Covid-19

  • Domestic Helper Insurance:
    Provides coverage for
    • Special grant in the event of loss of life.
    • Expenses incurred by the employer as a result of discontinued employment of the domestic helper.
    • Compensation of the domestic helper’s wages as a benefit to the employer in the event that the domestic helper is hospitalised and unable to perform duties.
    • Incurrence of surgical and hospital fees.
    • Costs of sending the domestic helper back home.

Find out more here


How To Apply

Reach out to an Income adviser or contact NTUC Income by calling them here. You can also visit an operating branch, or send an enquiry here.


For Low-Income Families Affected by Covid-19

NTUC Income has provided additional coverage for nearly 30,000 people who come from low-income families. This includes extending its previously mentioned PA Assurance and Infectious Disease coverage to these families. 


On top of this and the free Income Family Micro-Insurance Scheme (IFMIS) they are receiving, further Covid-19 benefits are also being doled out to provide more support for the financially challenged. This includes a $5,000 payout, should the insured experience a total and permanent disability, or lose their lives. 


For hospitalisation in Singapore as a result of Covid-19, the benefits will ensure a payout of $200 every day for as long as 30 days. These benefits are claimable until 31 August 2020 and the claim can be paid out as quickly as the same day of diagnosis.

These benefits are only applicable to 


  • Parents or guardians of a child enrolled in local primary schools; and
  • Families of MOE’s Financial Assistance Scheme:
    1. Child needs to be enrolled in NTUC First Campus’ My First Skool 
    2. Have a gross household income not more than $4,500 monthly or individual monthly incomes within the family not exceeding $1,125

Find out more here.


How To Apply

Reach out to an Income adviser or contact NTUC Income by calling them here. You can also visit an operating branch, or send an enquiry here.


Travel Insurance

Allianz Travel Singapore provides travel insurance to people across over 240 countries through straightforward and appropriate solutions. Managed by a global leader, the company is connected to over 13,000 associates in over 150 countries. They comprise professionals in healthcare, law, and various professions responsive to emergencies.


Do check out Allianz Travel Singapore on Facebook and Instagram!

Annual Multi-Trip

Their annual multi-trip insurance refers to the coverage of multiple trips over 12 months. Each trip is covered up to a maximum length of 90 days. Each year, medical coverage for travel iis at least S$1 million. This is especially a useful and cost-saving insurance for businessmen or globetrotters whose lifestyle requires regular travelling. 


Reduced from S$322, the price for the premium goes from S$257.60. You’re entitled to a further discount when you use their promo codes respectively. For 30% off their gold plans: pass30. For 20% off their silver plans: pass20.


See the breakdown of their tiered plans.


Find out more here.


Single Trip Travel

This single-trip travel insurance is designed for a one-time weekend getaway for the duration of the trip. While silver plans offer at least a medical coverage of S$1 million, gold plans do not impose a limit on medical coverage. This insurance is great for a monthly vacation or maybe a backpacking trip abroad!


The price for the premium starts at S$27. You qualify for a further discount when you use their promo codes respectively. For 30% off their gold plans: pass30. For 20% off their silver plans: pass20.


See the breakdown of their tiered plans.


Find out more here.


Family Travel Insurance

Under one premium, the family travel insurance provides all-round coverage for your whole family overseas, whether you’re all on a holiday, or joining someone on a business or graduation trip. 


The minimum price for the premium is S$58. Moreover, you can enjoy a further discount when you use their promo codes respectively. For 30% off their gold plans: pass30. For 20% off their silver plans: pass20.


See the breakdown of their tiered plans.


Find out more here.


Limitations On Their Travel Plans

Note that if you’re taking up their policies now, Allianz Travel Singapore will not cover claims due to Covid-19 incidents. This is reasonably so because the pandemic has not been declared to be over even if Circuit Breaker ends. Coverage will not include medical costs and support related to Covid-19 based on their policy wording here.


Should you want a policy refund on your travel insurance, and then see what future travel insurance policies you can take up, you can read up more about that here or contact their representatives at [email protected]


When To Apply

As soon as possible because their current policies only last until 31st May 2020!


How To Apply

Simply fill in the form here.




Gift Voucher

Bambini Photography specialises in family photography, maternity/pregnancy photography, corporate and graduation portraits, and newborn photographyHousing a professional team of photographers, photo editors, designers, along with a support team, the portrait studio is a registered trademark across Asia, including Singapore.


Do check out Bambini Photography on Facebook and Instagram!

To encourage people to commemorate and preserve memories, Bambini Photography is giving customers the chance to surprise and present their loved ones with gift vouchers.


These gift vouchers contain photoshoot services that are prepaid by the sender, as a gift to the recipients. Beyond getting a high-quality photograph taken, the company hopes to create memorable experiences for families and loved ones, enjoyed by generations to come.


Once a payment is made, the company will design a personalised digital voucher that can be either sent to the person who paid for the gift voucher or its recipient. Recipients will then have a choice of when to use the voucher once it’s received. The minimum value of each voucher is S$52.50, inclusive of a 5% PayPal fee.


Find out more here.


How Long It Takes to Deliver

Payment is normally received 24 hours after submission, then depending on requirements, the e-voucher will be designed before being delivered.


How To Purchase

From here, choose the gift voucher you’d like to send to your recipient and fill in the form at the bottom of this page. Then select ‘Buy Now’. 


Remember to keep a copy of your payment confirmation, recipient information, and your short message to them!



Please note that all the information on this page was acquired individually by the author at the time of preparing this article. We reserve the right to change and/or update the information in this article at any time without notice. The opinion(s) of the author may not be representative or indicative of the businesses and brands mentioned herein. This article neither reflects Dream Fox Design’s endorsement nor recommendation of these businesses. We take no responsibility or liability if you find information changed, removed or denied by the respective businesses. The onus is on you to verify and fact-check our information for the best results, and exercise due diligence in your engagements with any business.

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