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3 Reasons Working Closely With Web Designers Gets You A Website That Profits

Successful websites are a result of close collaborations between you and your web designer. Working closely with us maximises the quality of your site by helping us to capture your brand and requirements. Here are 3 reasons why this creates a website that brings in sales and conversion.
Collaborating With Web Designers 101 Blog Part 1 Featured Image

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The most successful projects in this world all have an A-team behind them. For instance, Avengers: Endgame, the highest grossing movie in the world today at $2.8 billion, needed a powerful team of talents to bring it to the big screen

avengers endgame movie collaboration collaborating with web designers working with designer
Avengers: Endgame is the highest grossing movie at $2.8 billion, thanks to a team of talents who worked hard together on the project

Without the 2 directors, 1 producer, 2 writers, 5 executive producers, and inspiration from Stan Lee’s comics, this could never have happened. Even book authors who work alone to write their stories are known to dedicate their books to a dozen special individuals who have helped edit, publish and critique their books. 


At the end of the day, web designers are no different. If a book that’s written by one person needs a team behind it, a website is an extraordinary type of project with many more broad aspects to fine-tune and develop. 


Every industry has a different sense of aesthetics and demands. This is where you need to step in to make sure you get the right support for your business and engage the right web designers to meet your requirements.

web design requirements collboration collaborating with web designers working with designer
Making a website requires a strong team with the right web designers for your business

Most web designers follow the same processes when designing websites, because these processes and practices have been time-tested over years of experimenting and researching.


The processes are usually foolproof and ensure the most effective development of your website. But designing your website starts with a collaborative effort between all of us.


Why Collaborate With Web Designers So Closely?

It’s the details and fine prints of your brand that differentiates your website. As the business owner or an executive being the key contact person of your company, you know your customers best. Any information designers get from you is directly from the horse’s mouth.


Your website is your brand; there’s no better person to ensure your branding needs are fulfilled.

why collboration collaborating with web designers working with designer communicating
Information web designers obtain from you is the most direct, accurate brand information

Naturally, this means lots of collaboration and communication. By being responsive in working with us, you as the client help to minimise miscommunication and maximise emphasis on the quality of your site.


Successful websites are a result of close collaborations between you and your web designer. As a professional web designer with more than 10 years of experience, I set out to explain 3 reasons why you should work with your web designers closely to create a website that brings in sales and conversions.


Teamwork makes the dream work.

Web design is an incredibly fast-paced industry, no matter what kind of website you want to develop. Project turnarounds happen almost every day in the office, along with multiple intervals of communication needed at every stage, with every client. A web designer can easily be working on 10 to 20 projects at the same time!


With collaboration and close support from our clients, there’s a huge difference in productivity, morale and, by extension, the quality of work. Ask any web designer. We’re passionate creatives, so support and validation fuel our drive to be even better.

teamwork support collboration collaborating with web designers working with designer
Working closely together with your web designer for support has been known to boost quality of work

Collaboration isn’t just talking to us or breathing down our necks. It’s about adding value to what we’re doing for you – by offering us insights and knowledge about your brand, industry and preferences, so that we can translate that into a website that fits your vision.


For example, if you provide SaaS (software as a service), our designers and content writers will probably not be experts in your products. By providing us with technical specs and details of your software, we’ll be able to understand it from the perspective of an end user and design your website into something they will want to see/engage.


As we all exchange information and perspectives, it gets more comfortable and efficient to zoom in on trends that matter and weigh the kinds of web features that should be applied to your business.


Do you need to be a designer to work with us? No.

You don’t have to be a programmer or a design professional to collaborate closely with us. We need perspectives, and the more perspectives we have, the more we as web designers can align our capabilities toward your end users.

end users perspectives collaboration collaborating with web designers working with designer
Web designers design based on perspectives, inputs and objectives, and we need yours

For you, it may mean being introduced to new concepts and design instruments we use. This enables you to better understand how we execute your project. Web design shouldn’t just be by the “pros” of the industry. The website is for you and your end users; you know your project best and should be directly involved.


Since web design is intended for your users, we strive to make their web experiences as engaging and smooth as possible, toward the end goal of converting them into sales. Online customers want things fast and easy, and while this is obvious, it can be difficult to integrate successful business objectives into a genuine experience.


A successful website can only be developed through close communication between you and your web designers since web design is a two-way street. Through 10 years of experience working with clients, collaboration always starts a certain way in a web project. Let me explain.

goals plans deliverables collaboration collaborating with web designers working with designer
Your end users are your goal. Your website should be planned for them. However only experienced web designers can make this a success

The start of collaboration is during your first meeting with web designers, where you start talking objectives, plans, deliverables and budgets, etc. Your web designers will vigorously think up research plans on the spot and formulate proposals for you based on your needs. The research arising from this will be the groundwork for your website.


Take your time here. If you’re new to creating websites, you’ll want to know as much as you can before developing any kind of plan. Shoot your web designers with questions and brainstorm with them before the project starts proper. This helps to provide them with as much information as needed to come up with the best solutions for you. 


They’ll likely have a set of questions too, and may conduct multiple meetings to get a full picture of your needs. Never underestimate the experience and knowledge of your web designers. Listen to everything they know so you’ll be able to define the scope of your project without too many surprises and changes later on.

interview questions project scope collaboration collaborating with web designers working with designer
Talk to your web designers. Learn what they can do. This will form the scope of your website

Because of this, you need to be willing to collaborate regularly with us to ensure the creation of a strong design that accomplishes your company’s goals. This requires market research, understanding your customers’ needs and the style of your brand — information that both our teams will need to pinpoint for the focus of the web design.


You get the best out of collaborating with us.

As seasoned veterans in web design, we’re experienced in graphic design, coding and programming, software compatibility and user experience. But the thing is – the best design isn’t just about how you make the sections on your webpage flow seamlessly from one point to another or inserting the best animations on your website. 


The root of design needs a direction and a purpose for it to be functional. When design isn’t functional, it’s no more ornamental than your neighbourhood museum, aka just for display purposes.

direction purpose of design ornamental display collboration collaborating with web designers working with designer
Design is not just meant to be seen. Design is meant to be useful to your objective

That’s just decoration. Web design needs teams of people who are knowledgeable about what the website should represent and have the capacity to decide its purpose. That’s you – the client, together with a competent web design team that can deliver a website that fits your main objective and advise you on specific ways to sustain it.


The function of web design is to attract, interest and engage your visitors to take action. Web designers need to understand your business, company profile and branding style to target visitors you want as customers. With enough information, we can create graphics, words and interactive features to reach quality audiences!

target audience quality visitors collaboration collaborating with web designers working with designer
To grab your target audiences, we need to understand what you do, how you do it, and turn that into something your audiences want to engage

Important Points To Note

Here’s a summary of the key points I’ve covered so far:


  • A project as big as making a website requires both the client’s team and the web designer’s team to work together
  • You provide the information, perspectives and vision that make up your goals
  • We use our experience, understanding and creative expertise to deliver your goals through your website
  • A website is a brand asset that’s only as good as the collaboration and communication behind it

In my next article, I’ll get into the concrete steps in detail that we take as web designers to turn your web project into a beautiful, professional and effective website, and how you can collaborate with us in each step. 


For a quick summary, check out our very own simple and specific process flow here.


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