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With a web design package so inclusive, you’ll never have to worry about finding another web design vendor again.

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Our Insane $2199 Package

It’s the only package you’ll ever need, whether you’re a startup or a seasoned player in a business. Our websites are built to last; it’s built to scale alongside your business. 



Our Simple, Affordable Web Design package more than meets the needs and desired features of a website. You’ve got speed, security, one-tap contact buttons linked to your touchpoints, customised enquiry forms, business emails and 20 webpages! Even without the upgrades, your website will be ready to meet the high standards of your customers. However, for those who want something more specialised, here are our upgrades at bundled prices. 


Get huge discounts when you take them up with our Simple, Affordable Web Design package!

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Cheaper Hosting

Let’s start things up with a bang! With us, you have one year’s worth of free web hosting within our Simple, Affordable Website package. What about the years after? We work with our trusted web hosting partners to give you a discount. Let’s save you S$320 on web hosting.

Instead of paying a yearly cost of S$140 after our complimentary year of web hosting, enjoy 3 years of stable web hosting for just S$100! Here’s an overview.


Without Upgrade:
Year 1: FREE
Year 2 onwards: S$140/year


With Upgrade: (+S$100)
Year 1: FREE
Year 2: PRE-PAID
Year 3: PRE-PAID
Year 4 onwards: S$140/year


Copywriting/ Copyediting

“Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.”


Know your business but not sure what to write or how to place content on your website? We create content for you from sitemaps to ideas, from drafts to masterful engaging copies. Save up to $100 and sleep without worrying about content.

You might not have time to write your own content. Our copywriters work with you to generate the best style of content, tone and structure for your website.


Don’t lose out on traffic and engagement, as well as SEO points, for unprofessional content. Sign up with this package to get the discounts below.


3,000 words / 20 pages: S$700 S$600
4,000 words / 20 pages: S$850 S$750
5,000 words / 20 pages: S$1000 S$900


3,000 words / 20 pages: S$500 S$450
4,000 words / 20 pages: S$650 S$580
5,000 words / 20 pages: S$800 S$700


Learn more about our copywriting and copyediting services here.

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Custom CMS

Instead of having to contact your web designer every time you need to edit your content, and wait days for them to send you a quote, why not do it yourself, easily? Even if you’re rushing for time, you’ll be able to edit your own content quickly in case of a last minute change. 

With our Custom Content Management System Upgrade, you now have the power to easily edit the content on your website. 

Access your dashboard and edit your content on the go from your mobile, the way you want it. Bypass the tedious process of briefing and waiting for your web agency, plus you save money. Now, that’s power.

Grab the Custom CMS upgrade at S$80 S$60/page if you get it together with our Simple, Affordable Website Package!


Web Security Champion

Our basic Web Security Defender provides fundamental defence against cyber threats. However, it might not deter more advanced hackers who could gain access to your backend and remain hidden. 


Our Web Security Champion adds additional layers of security to your website, including daily website backups, automatic daily malware scan, and more!

Remember, prevention is better (and cheaper) than cure.

Brute Force Protection
SSL Certificate
Backend URL Customisation
404 Detection
Smart IP Ban/ Blacklist
Database Security Optimisation
Daily Malware Scanning
Google Recaptcha V3
Anti-Spam Forms
2 Factor Authentication Login
Daily Website Backup
User Log

Learn more about the Web Security Champion Upgrade here.


Grab the Web Security Champion Upgrade at S$300 S$250 if you get it together with our Simple, Affordable Website Package.

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Live Chat Pro

The Live Chat Basic feature from this package lets you link visitors to chat with you on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Unfortunately, Live Chat Basic requires your users to have WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger installed. This changes with our Live Chat Pro upgrade.

What’s Live Chat Pro, you ask? Visitors can now easily chat with you on your website, without any app restrictions. Get alerted and chat with them straight from your mobile phone or desktop!


Here are some of its core functions:


1) Welcome your visitors! Greet your visitors with a heartfelt message and prompt them to start chatting with you. 


2) Get more leads! Enable a pre-chat form that lets your visitors fill in their name, email and contact details before chatting.


3) Offline mode! When you’re offline, visitors can fill up a customised form with their contact details. Now all you have to do is contact them.


4) Get Notified! Get notified when a user chats with you or even when someone visits your website, from both your computer and mobile device!


5) Track your visitors! See how users navigate your website from page to page, check their frequency of visits, analyse your weekly visitor rate with statistics provided, and more!


Grab the Live Chat Pro upgrade at S$150 S$99 if you get it together with our Simple, Affordable Website Package.


SEO Content Optimisation

Think of the free SEO Optimisation Tool included in this package as a good chef knife. We gave you the equipment, but you need a real chef to utilise the knife to its fullest potential. That’s where we come in. Get your website heated up!

Bring in the chefs! With our SEO Content Optimisation Upgrade, get noticed on Search Engines and increase traffic to your website.


Connect your website to Google, Yahoo and Bing’s search engine. Use Google’s Search Console and Google Analytics to the fullest potential. Track user activities, troubleshoot your website with Google’s recommendations, and monitor your keywords!


Learn more about our SEO Content Optimisation Service here. After all, higher traffic traffic means increased sales. Who wouldn’t want that?


Grab the SEO Content Optimisation Upgrade at S$700  S$499 if you get it together with our Simple, Affordable Website Package.

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How To Get Started?

Using the information you’ve provided, our team will come out with your custom moodboard and sitemap


Once you’ve agreed to the service, a contract will be prepared for you to sign and 50% of the payment will be required as deposit.


If you take up our Copywriting/Copyediting Service, our copywriters will work together with you to create your web content, plan your site structure and style your brand voice.


After finalising the sitemap and moodboard with you, we’ll proceed to design the homepage and content concepts for your approval.


After the design of the homepage has been approved, we will proceed to design the rest of your website using your homepage and approved concepts as base. Our copywriters will also work with you to fit the content you want into the web design.


Now that your website is done, we’ll test the website for bugs or glitches, making sure it’s free of any problems. We’ll also iron out any issues or questions you may have.


Before the handover process, the remaining 50% of payment will be required.


Lastly, during the handover, we’ll transfer  your completed website to you with your login details, along with any relevant documents and files. An expert will personally provide you with training to manage your new website.


Congratulations! Your website is now live and running! As an after-service support, our lines are always open for you to contact us if you run into any difficulty in future. You’re also welcome to use our live chat feature on our website for instant support!

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