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Common Questions

An addressee refers to the intended recipient/s of your digital invitation.


This could be a specific person like your grandfather, or a set of people such as your office co-workers.  To avoid confusion, we use “set of addressees” or “set of guests” to include these recipients collectively, whether they are one person or a group.

Yes, you can. Here are the prices for our ala carte services.


Additional Custom Design Service – S$399
1 Additional set of Addressees – S$50

There are a few critical differences. First, many virtual invitations require you to download an app to view them. Ours run on a browser-based system allowing our invitations to be sent and received without downloading an external app.


More than any other online invitations you can find, our digital invitation excels in the customisability of designs and functions we provide for every event.


You can think of them as an online ‘Event Registration’ for any activity. This enables you to share your invitation on major messaging apps, social media, and easily receive RSVPs with your professionally customised layouts, snippets and event information.


Where many DIY online invitations lack functionality and professional design, our digital invitations are designed to function practically and aesthetically with many exclusive features. You can learn more about them here.

Yes, absolutely! Our digital invitations are designed to bring attention to any event and activity. From parties to seminars and even summits, there’s no limit to what you can use them for.


Any of our packages can be used for events of any importance. The cost boils down to how many sets of addressees, designs and features you require. 

No, we design each and every one of our digital invitations from scratch to suit your event and requirements. In both our base designs and advanced designs, we make sure to take your requirements and activities into design considerations. This includes polls on menu, RSVP features, gallery of your event, etc.


You can try out our unique sample designs here

A change of information refers to a verbal change in particulars, contact details, timings, venue, etc.


Unlike having to source for an affordable vendor, wait for details to be confirmed, or update your details online before resending your invitation every time you change some critical information, a digital invitation from us enables information to be changed quickly and instantly reflect this for anyone you’ve sent it to.


Simply contact us and we’ll make the changes for you in a few adjustments! 

We understand your need to be kept informed of the RSVP status of your invitations. We’ve made it easy for you; there are 2 phases.


First, every time a guest makes a submission on a form, an automated email will be sent to your email(s) of choice.


Second, once the date for your guests to fill in the form expires, a compiled excel sheet of the form will be sent to you.

They will be sustained on our server for a year, unless you decide to renew it. Renewing the invitation for another year costs S$10 per set of addressees.

A custom design service costs S$399. You’ll need an additional custom design service if you require invitations of different designs, functionality or aesthetics. This does not include personal information like names, title of event, contact information and photo galleries.


Example 1:

You’ve purchased the Gatherings Package with 3 sets of addressees. You only require a single layout for all 3 addressees. These will each display different greetings and perhaps address one set of guests more personally, i.e. by name instead of the generic “Dear Guest”. You won’t need an additional custom design service.


Example 2:

You’ve purchased the Gatherings Package with 3 sets of addressees. However, you require 2 different designs: invitations for 2 sets of addressees would have a standard form for ordinary guests, while the invitation for your last set of VIP addressees would need an additional form extended to their friends and families. In this instance, you are required to purchase another custom design service. The additional price of S$399 will be factored into the total cost.

Yes, that’s possible.

For example, if you’re holding your subsequent company event, you may just require a change of information (i.e. name of event, venue, particlulars etc.). The cost of changing the information as a whole would be just S$50 per invitation.

Since a digital invitation can be sustained up to a year without renewal fees, you would not need to pay to renew the invitation unless it has been over a year since the completion of the card.

However, if you’d like a new design, layout and functionalities, then you would be much better suited to purchasing a new package or invitation.

All data and functions on the digital invitation will be stored and hosted on our local server, protected by a stable security environment.

Pricing and Payment

For ala carte services, we’ve complied a list of charges that you’ll need to know here.

1 Additional Digital Invitation – S$49
Change of Textual Information – S$50 per Invitation Card
Change or Addition of Forms – S$30 per Form

Renewal of Digital Invitation – S$10 per set of Addressee

Additional Custom Design Service – S$399 + S$1 deployment cost per addressee/invitation card

All payments for the design and product of the digital invitations are made upfront, before the project commences.


However, in the event that the quantity of digital invitations purchased exceeds 100, please contact us for a free quotation and a case-by-case review of alternative payment methods.

Everything is paid for upfront and your digital invitation will be handed over to you after its completion.


The only subsequent fees are for possible renewals and a change of information (i.e. contact details, timings, venue) if and when the quota of free changes in a package is exceeded. Renewal of invitations are at S$10 per set of addressee.


Change of information comes at S$50 for an inclusive change. This means that whether you change just your timing, or both your timing and contact information, S$50 will still be charged. So, please ensure all your changes are finalised.


These services are subjective to lower rates with higher-tier packages and a higher number of addressee sets.

digital invitation physical mockup 1 - Dream Fox Design


Our digital invitations may be used with or without a physical invitation card. While you have the choice of switching over to a digital invitation completely, going digital can in fact also increase the value of your hard copies.


As specialists in design, we’re able to integrate a QR code into the design of your physical invitation card! Contact us for more information.


This lets you fit pictures and functions you couldn’t put into your physical invitation cards. For example, instant RSVP, Save to Calendar, Google Maps and Polls for your guests to easily vote on! And now, your physical invitation can simply focus on its design, which we understand is still an important formality for some guests.


If you’re promoting a company event, your QR code can also be inserted into your email signature, products or marketing collateral.

We accept Bank Transfer and Stripe.


Be the Invitation You Want to See.

With an invitation custom-made just for you, focus entirely on your event while impressing your guests.

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