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Common Questions

Yes, you can. Here are the prices for our ala carte services.


Additional Custom Design Service – S$299

1 Additional Digital Name Card – S$100

There are a few critical differences. First, many virtual name cards require you to download an app to view them. Ours run on a browser-based system allowing our name cards to be sent and received without downloading an external app. 


More than any other online name cards you can find, our digital name card excels in the customisability of designs and functions we provide for every customer. 


You can think of them as a mini ‘About Us’ webpage for individuals. This enables you to share your name card on major digital platforms and receive engagement through professionally customised layouts, snippets and profile information.


Where many DIY online name cards have failed due to lack of functionality and professional design, our digital name cards are designed to function practically with many features exclusive to us. You can learn more about them here.

No, we design each and every one of our digital name cards from scratch to suit your brand and requirements. In both our base designs and advanced designs, we make sure to take your requirements and business profile into design considerations. You can try out our unique sample designs here

All data and functions on the digital name card will be stored and hosted on our local server, protected by a stable security environment.

The digital name cards we design are actively blocked from being indexed by search engines. This means no one can access your digital name card without its URL.


Although we take measures to dissuade search engines from publicising your information to the best of our abilities, it is up to their policies to continue honouring the restrictions we set. Just as how our posts on social media may be found even if they’re privatised.


Due to the nature of online information, should you choose to own a digital name card, we cannot 100% prevent information from being publicised. Do note that you and the organisation you represent are responsible for any and all exposure of your profile information/contact details on your digital name card to others.


The individuals you share it with may also share it with their friends, families and miscellaneous connections.

A custom design service costs S$299. You’ll need an additional custom design service if you require name cards of different designs, functionality or aesthetics


Example 1:

You’ve purchased the Team Package of 5 name cards. You only require a single layout throughout the 5 names cards. These will each display different names, profile images, designations and contact information. You won’t need an additional custom design service.


Example 2:

You’ve purchased the Team Package of 5 name cards. However, you require 2 different designs: 3 cards with a red themed design for your sales team, and 2 cards with a blue themed design for your marketing team. In this instance, you are required to purchase another custom design service. The additional price of S$299 will be factored into the total cost.

A change of information refers to a verbal change in particulars, contact details, designation, address, links, etc.


Unlike having to source for an affordable vendor, wait for details to be confirmed, and reprint/redistribute your name card every time you change some critical information, a digital name card enables information to be changed quickly as and when needed. This will also be instantly reflected for anyone you’ve sent your digital name card to.


Simply contact us and we’ll make the changes for you in a few adjustments! 

Pricing & Payments

Ala Carte Costs

Additional Custom Name Card DesignWhen you require more than the provided number of custom name card designs.$299
New Name Card Design + DeploymentDesign of new aesthetics, functionality or layout for Digital Name Card and deployment of design for all name cards.$299 (design cost) + ($1 x total no. of cards)
Change of Contact InformationChange of 1 or all of the information on the digital name card$20 per card
Yearly Renewal CostYearly renewal cost for maintainance of cards$18 – $12 per card
Paper (Physical) Name Card DesignCost for designing paper name card with QR code functionality$300 per design
Paper (Physical) Name Card ApplicationDuplicating design for each employee, as the QR code, name and contact information, etc., need to be manually generated and changed for each employee $10 per person

Additional Digital Name Cards

TierNo. of Additional CardsCost Per Card
11 to 4$100
25 to 19$60
320 to 49$50
450 to 499$45

Everything is paid for upfront and your digital name card will be handed over to you after its completion.


The only subsequent fees are yearly renewal and change of information (i.e. contact details, designation, address, links) if and when required. Yearly renewal is $18 to $12 per card and change of information comes at S$20 per card. 


These services are subjective to lower rates with higher-tier packages and a higher number of pax.

digital name card singapore combine 1 1 - Dream Fox Design

Our digital name cards may be used with or without a physical name card. While you have the choice of switching over to a digital name card completely, digital name cards can in fact increase the value of your name cards.


We’re able to integrate a QR code into the design of your physical name card. Contact us for more information.


This brings your customers to important brand information you couldn’t fit in your name card before! And now, your physical name card is free of clutter, leaving you free to focus on its design, which is the most important part of first impression.


As a bonus, your QR code can also be inserted into your email signature, products or marketing collateral.


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Introduce yourself to the world without limits. Revolutionise your business and share it with the world, with a tap.

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